University ESL Jobs in China

University Teaching Program

University ESL Jobs in China

University Teaching Program

The ISAC University Teaching Program (ISAC-UTP) offers teaching positions for foreigners to work at a Chinese public university. Foreign teachers are appointed as foreign language experts at their host universities. You will be teaching your mother tongue to students aged between 18-23. Currently we are taking applications for the 2020 Spring Term (Job starts Feb. 2020). University Teaching Jobs in China

There are many reasons to choose to work in a university. Although university does not provide as a competitive salary as international schools, the workload is much less (usually about 12-16 classes per week). You will have plenty of time of your own. You can dive in the the local community and reach out genuine, ordinary Chinese people; most of them are very welcoming and treat foreign teachers as guests from a foreign land. University usually provides on-campus accommodation. Living on campus is not a bad thing when it is green, poetic and got all the facilities you need. Plus you have the support from the faculty and staff from the International Office right on campus. Again, you need to make sure you are aware of what facilities it has and what it doesn’t, so you know what to expect.

We welcome new teachers to join us for the 2020-21 school year!

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job details

Job Description

  • Teach English Speaking, Comprehensive English, Business English, English culture, Manners etc.
  • The teaching focuses on the relevant courses to a group of approximately 30-40 students
  • assess students’ performance including papers, tests and exams

Working Hours

  • Teach 10 to 16 classes per week, each class about 45-50 minutes
  • No or few office hours; manage your time by yourself
  • A lot of spare time for your travel plan
  • Access to study Mandarin Chinese

Salary Package

  • RMB 6,000 to 10,000 per month
  • Higher salary given to teachers with higher degree

Contract Length

  • One academic year (10 months)
  • Paid winter vacation
  • Paid summer vacation (only with some universities)


  • Round-trip international flight
  • 2200 RMB travel allowance
  • Private accomodation

job requirement

Native Speaker

You can only teach the language of your home country;

Age Requirement

Less than 60 years old due to the visa regulation of P.R.C

Teaching Experience

Minimum of two years teaching experience*


Bachelor degree or above

Teaching Certificate


*Note that some universities may take applicants with less teaching experience; most of those positions are in smaller cities or provinces. Please read Q&A.

Program Q&A

Foreign Teachers at Jiangxi Normal University

The key factor is working hours. University teachers have about 12-16 classes (rounds up to about 10-13 hours) per week and no/few office hours. For public schools, the working hours are about 36-40 hours per week (usually 18-20 teaching hours plus 18-20 office hours). That’s why most university salary falls into the 5,000-8,000 range. Of course you need to consider what to do in your spare time. So university jobs are perfect for those who wish to have more spare time for their own plan (study or learn a new language) or side project. In short, university jobs have better hourly rate but less overall amount.

Another difference is accommodation; universities tend to provide a more spacious on-campus accommodoation. It’s common to see a two-bedroom apartment being provided for university teachers but less common for public school/private sector jobs. Most university campuses are out of downtown in a quieter neighborhood, with easy access to city center and nice environment. You can always check each job position to ensure you are aware of the campus location, environment and facilities.

Yes, working at a university saves money. Most Chinese make about 5000-8000 RMB per month. Food is rather cheap on campus. Eating outside is also not expensive. From our experience, foreign teacher can expect to save 2/3 of the salary, but again, it really depends on how you spend your money.

Unfortunately no, you need at least a bachelor’s degree to apply for a work visa.

Yes. A new teacher needs to have one of the following:
1. TESOL/TEFL/CELTA Certificate on a 120 hours or more training
2. Valid teaching certificate issued from your home country
3. You majored in Education or Linguistics, and that should be shown in your diploma or transcript.

ISAC encourages teachers to teach their mother languages. For example, if you are from France and grow up in a French speaking environment, French teacher is the best option for you.


Many of the university teaching positions require a teaching experience of 2 years or more. However, exceptions are given to those with Master’s degree or degree in the education field.

For some universities in a smaller city, the requirements are lower. That means if you have less than 2 years of teaching experience but you have TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate, you are still eligbile.

University positions are very similar. They provide similar salary package; better salary goes to candidates with higher education and jobs with more working hours. So it is really your choice which university to opt; ISAC provide as much information so that you can make a fully-advised decision.

For example, Nanchang University, a very good university in China and the best in Jiangxi Province, but it is less known to the foreigners because Nanchang is not an international city (about 3 hours away from Shanghai by high speed rail). If you are looking to academics and students quality, NCU is better than many colleges in Beijing and Shanghai. But the city is less international with less foreigners. If you choose NCU, then you should expect a less westernized life in Nanchang. Nanchang is the capital of Jiangxi Province, a city with 5.5 million people, 2 subway lines and 3 more to come, but still it is an inland city and has less foreigners than Shanghai and Beijing (Less foreigner population sometimes is not a bad thing).

For university positions, you will work about 3-5 days a week depending on your class schedule.

Yes, however, the cost needs to be covered by the teacher. We do have teachers who bring their partners and children. It really varies case by case, and it is possible especially if your partner will be teaching at the same/nearby university.

ISAC and your host university will guide you through your work visa application including what to prepare, where to go for medical check, and for document authentication etc. We know that the Z visa application process can be daunting at first sight, but you don’t need to worry as we got all the expertise to make it a smooth process.

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