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Qianjiang College of Hangzhou Normal University was established in August 1999, approved by the Ministry of Education and Zhejiang provincial government as a comprehensive and full-time college for undergraduates. It is located in Hangzhou, a famous historical and cultural city in China and a scenic resort well known around the world. The campus is close to the West Lake, with a strong-scholarly atmosphere, beautiful environment and convenient transportation. At present, there are nearly 9,000 full-time students, and over 500 faculty teachers in the college.

Upon the requirements for the local economic and social development as well as the modern technology trend, Qianjiang College, supported by Hangzhou Normal University with a history of one hundred years, presently offers the courses in Chinese Language and Literature, English, Economics, E-Commerce, Tourism Management, Marketing, Accounting, Law, Social Work, Social Physical Education, Dancing, Music Performance, Broadcasting and Compere Art, Broadcasting and TV Directing, Art Design, Animated Cartoon, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, IT and Computer Science, Applied Chemistry, Environmental Science, Applied Psychology, Macromolecule Material and Engineering, Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Automatization, Electronic and IT Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Industrial Design, Material Moulding and Control Engineering, Clinical Medicine, Nursing etc. Now there are over 9000 full-time undergraduate students on the list from around China. The college occupies a construction area of over 200 thousand square meters equipped with advanced teaching and living facilities. The library, with a construction area close to 8000 square meters, collects more than 600,000 volumes of books. Some major experiment centers are established including Human and Social Science Center, Science and Engineering Centre, Biological Science Centre and Art Centre, Gymnasium and Sports Grounds, TV Broadcasting Hall etc, all of which provide the faculty and students with excellent and convenient conditions for studying, living, academic research and exchange. The college follows the rooted tradition of “Respect Teachers, Love Students, Advocate Science, Value Education” set by Hangzhou Normal University, and takes ‘Diligence, Caution, Integrity and Empathy, Broadness, Refinement, Thoroughness and Enterprise’ as the college spirit to carve out a new school-running system and unique mode. The college adopts the concept of “students-orientation, quality first and uniqueness development” so that individuals may explore their capabilities and interests and develop their full intellectual and human potential in accordance with their aptitude.

Qianjiang College pays much attention to the individuality of students, and allows some competitive students to reselect their majors at their own will so as to make best of their advantages and bypass the disadvantages. The end of the college is to encourage the students to become specialized and individualized professionals to serve the local economic and social development. Qianjiang College seeks to explore the international exchange and cooperation for students’ education, and has established close relationship with universities and colleges from the Republic of Korea, Japan, Britain and USA. Many students especially participate in the “Sino-US Double Bachelor Degree” program with Fort Hays State University (FHSU) in the United States of America. The college tries every effort to help the students to pursue excellence in virtue; and to assume responsibility for the consequences of personal actions. Qianjiang College attaches great importance to the cultivation of style of study; improve the students’ moral quality in all respects; and develop graceful, healthy and colorful campus activities. The college sets up a variety of scholarships like Comprehensive Scholarship, Learning Excellence Scholarship and Learning Progress Scholarship etc. to encourage the students to work hard and make progress. The faculty and students of the college are all trying their utmost in a creative, connotational and unique development way, working as a team and grasping all possible opportunities to deepen reforms with the target of transforming the college into an influential and hi-standard independent college at home and abroad. Undergraduate Schools Qianjiang College has 7 schools, offering 28 undergraduate majors, conferring corresponding bachelor degrees.


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About Hangzhou

Hangzhou (City Panorama) is one of the most beautiful and most visited cities in China. Though it has been through many recent economic and technological developments, it still remains its historic beauty and cultural heritage. The city’s West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Site, attracts tourists from both home and abroad all year round. Twinned with nearly 20 cities around the world, Hangzhou is one of the most modern and vibrant cities to live in.


With a number of means of transport at your disposal, getting around the city is super easy. Do not feel like taking the metro to visit the scenery spots in the city? Then you can always bike there. Want to tour around a nearby city on weekends? Train rides are probably what you’d be looking for. Cities of Shanghai, Nanjing and Suzhou are all just within hours’ distance by train or car.

Arts & culture

Hangzhou’s cultural richness constantly surprises you. Three of China’s most important museums, China National Silk Museum, China National Tea Museum, Zhejiang Provincial Museum are all located in Hangzhou. If you are interested in opera, then you’ve come to the right place for there are lots of theaters in Hangzhou giving performance of opera shows!


Hangzhou is a culinary paradise with a large number of delicious dishes. Hangzhou’s local cuisine enjoys a nation-wide reputation and dishes prepared in its style are reputed to be “fresh, tender, soft and smooth, with a mellow fragrance”. Some of the better-known examples of Hangzhou’s regional cuisine are: West Lake Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce, Dongpo Pork, Beggar’s Chicken, Fried Shrimps with Longjing Tea, and Hangzhou Soy-sauce Duck. Sounds interesting? Behind these dishes, there always seems to be a beautiful story linked with a historical figure in Hangzhou. In addition to the traditional Hangzhou food or Chinese cuisine, plenty of restaurants offer south-eastern or western-style food. In Hangzhou, you never have to worry about going hungry.


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