CIPTC Teaching Research and Team Building Activity

Updated 2020-08-10 (full article)

A Successful Teaching Research and Team Building Activity for CIPTC Foreign Teachers

D1 – 2020年8月6日 August 6th, 2020

Cannot wait to see the beautiful scenery in the East!

Typhoon had gone, CIPTC foreign teachers started their summer teaching training and team-building activity in a good mood.

Temperature checking and safely riding should be kept in everyone’s mind.

Visit Shenzhen Mingde Academy

Ms. Wang introduced school characters to us enthusiastically.

She shared her teaching experience and understanding of the “Situational Teaching Method” to our foreign teachers.

D2 – 2020年8月7日 August 7th, 2020

Foreign teachers from all over the world are united in the CIPTC

Time flies when we are having fun. But it left wonderful memories for foreign teachers. Look forward to seeing you on the next trip!

Credit: CIPTC Shenzhen. Check out full article here.

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