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William: Which country pays TEFL teachers the most

Contributor: William Moore, Former Instructor at Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications (2015-2017)


Technically Japan and South Korea.

But I actually found I had more spare money in China.

Yes I got paid $2500 in Japan. but my Apartment cost me $1500.

At the end of the month I had about $500 in Japan. (I don’t drink / eat out a whole lot mind you)

In China. I got paid $980.

But My Apartment was free.

I lived on about $200 a month. And actually lived better then in Japan, from the perspective of I purchased more clothing, ate out more, had nor drinks with friends. Traveled around more. So on.

So I had about $700 on Average at the end of the month.

South Korea seams to be a better blend of the two.

My Experience. (After ‘living costs’) And this is based on my / my Cousins experience. So when I give a answer its based on how much we had.

South Korea: $1000–$1200.

Taiwan: $900–$1000.

China: $700–$1000. (Salary varies more)

Japan: $500–$1200. (Again a lot of variation)

Other Asian Nations: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia, Thailand, Indonesia.

You Will make a good few hundred bucks a month after living, and you can spend money pretty well on food/drink/clothing/travel.

There are some European nations where you can make money. but in general you just working to live in a lot of them. Pluse a few hundred bucks at the end of the month.

Czech Republic and Poland are quite good.

Americans: Peru / Chili You can make some extra money at the end of the month. The rest of South America / Middle America and the Islands. Your more or less working to live.

Now to make money?
The Middle east….

Saudis Arabia. Kuwait. UAE. Qatar.

You will bring home $2000–$2500 a month EASY.

The thing is they are not hiring TESL Teachers.

They are hiring TEACHERS.

You will for the most part need.

#1: A masters in Education or Teaching.

#2: Be a certified Teacher in a English Speaking Nation.

#3: Have YEARS Of experience, a four year degree and a TEFL cert.

And that third one is less likely now.

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