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Zhejiang Sci-Tech University Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
Zhejiang Sci-Tech University Zhejiang Sci-Tech University


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Zhejiang Sci-Tech University (ZSTU, website) is located in Hangzhou. ZSTU is a provincial key university focusing on engineering, with distinct characteristics and advantages as well as the coordinated development of the various disciplines of sciences, engineering, arts, economics, management, law, fine art, education, etc. ZSTU consists of 17 affiliated schools or colleges (teaching and research departments) and 1 independent college, with a population of over 26,000 full-time on-campus students, and among whom 3,500 are graduate students. At present, ZSTU offers 63 undergraduate programs of which 8 are the national (MOE) characteristic programs, 1 MOE comprehensive reform trail program, 6 MOE “Outstanding Engineer Education and Cultivation Project” trial programs, 3 “MOE-Autodesk Professional Comprehensive Reform Programs”, 7 “13th five-year” provincially advantageous programs and provincially characteristic programs. ZSTU boasts 2 doctoral degree first-level disciplines (including 12 doctoral degree second-level disciplines), 17 master’s degree first-level disciplines and 6 independently-set master’s degree second-level disciplines (66 master’s degree second-level disciplines, altogether), is authorized to confer ME (including 13 ME categories), MFA, MBA, JM, MAP and MTI, and is authorized to confer master’s degree to candidates of the same educational level. Zhejiang Sci-Tech University has 1 provincial higher education top-key first-level discipline, 3 provincial higher education top-key (first-level) disciplines, 1 provincial higher education key research base of humanities and social sciences, 11 provincial higher education key disciplines, 6 provincial fist-rate disciplines of classification A and 7 provincial first-rate disciplines of classification B. The disciplines of material sciences, chemistry and engineering are listed among the global top 1% by ESI. Zhejiang Sci-Tech University has 2 state-locality cooperative engineering laboratories, 2 national international sci-tech cooperation bases, 1 MOE key laboratory, 2 MOE engineering research centers, 1 MOC key laboratory, 3 provincial 2011 coordinated innovation centers, 10 provincial key laboratories and engineering technology research centers, 1 provincial philosophy & social sciences key research base, 5 provincial engineering laboratories, 2 provincial (technological) research centers, 2 provincial international sci-tech cooperation bases, 1 provincial academician & expert work station, 1 provincial DOC key research base, 1 provincial modern revolution history cultural research base, 3 national experimental teaching demonstration centers, 2 national virtual simulation experimental teaching demonstration centers, 2 national engineering practical education centers and 1 national college student off-campus practical education base. Zhejiang Sci-Tech University has 4 national choicest video public courses, 5 national choicest resource sharing courses, 2 national bilingual teaching demonstration courses, 2 MOE foreign student in-English brand courses and 7 “12th five-year” nationally-planned textbooks. Zhejiang Sci-Tech University has achieved 3 second prizes of national teaching awards.

Zhejiang Sci-Tech University boasts a high-level faculty and staff of more than 2,000 personages, with over 880 associate professors and 260 professors. It has 2 MOE innovation teams, 7 provincial key sci-tech innovation teams, 1 provincial key cultural innovation team, 5 provincial higher-education innovation teams and 2 post-doctor scientific research mobile stations. ZSTU has 3 national “Ten Thousand Talent Program” leading talents, 1 MOE Yangtze River distinguished professor, 1 MOE Yangtze River lecturing professor, 1 winner of national NSFC outstanding young scientist foundation, 3 national “One Thousand Talent Program” experts (including 1 national “One Thousand Foreign Expert Program” expert), 5 national “New-century Thousands-of-talent Program” talents, 1 national outstanding contribution middle-young-aged expert, 1 Cultural Master & “Four Batches” talent, 5 MOE “New-century Excellent Talent Support Program” talents, 1 provincial top expert, 5 provincial “One Thousand Talent Program” (including 2 Seagull Program talents), 10 provincial higher education “Qiantangjiang River Scholar” distinguished professors, 9 provincial outstanding contribution middle-young-aged experts, 27 first-level cultivation talents of provincial “New-century 151 Talent Program”, and 31 State Council government special subsidy personages. Additionally, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University employs massive renowned experts and scholars from home and abroad as part-time professors and Jinsha Scholars.

Zhejiang Sci-Tech University has ever been attaching importance to scientific research work, the research strength has been progressively enhanced, and ZSTU has successfully undertaken series of national sci-tech planning projects, as well as other national or provincial research projects in various fields. ZSTU has won 7 second prizes of State Technological Invention Award, 5 second prizes of State Sci-tech Progress Award, 1 Lu Xun Literature Award, 1 Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation sci-tech innovation prize and 150 or so provincial or ministry prizes. The composite index of the sci-tech work has been ranking among the top of the provincial universities and colleges.

Zhejiang Sci-Tech University been sticking to its open schooling, has established its cooperation with over 100 educational and sci-tech research institutions of over 20 countries and areas, has cooperatively established 2 Confucius Institutes with University of Mauritius and University of Suriname, and the foreign student education has been rapidly developing.

Zhejiang Sci-Tech University with a schooling history of 120 years is sparing no efforts to carry forward its school spirit of “pursuing truth and uprightness”, to take new opportunities and start new journeys in the new era, and to stride forward to build the university into a high-level teaching-research-style institution of distinct characteristics as soon as possible.


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Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

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Zhejiang Sci-Tech University Teacher Zhejiang Sci-Tech University Teacher
Zhejiang Sci-Tech University Teacher Zhejiang Sci-Tech University Teacher


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city iconAbout Hangzhou

Hangzhou is the provincial capital of Zhejiang Province, a strong economical province in China. It is the transportation hub, the political, economic, cultural and financial center of Zhejiang Province.

At the end of 2018, the Hangzhou metropolitan area has an area of 53,239 square kilometers and a population of 25.698 million. According to the “China Metropolitan Area Evaluation Index” issued by Shanghai Jiaotong University, Hangzhou is the fourth largest metropolitan area in China after Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing. In 2015, Hangzhou’s economic aggregate ranked 10th in mainland China, and was rated as the best commercial city in mainland China by Forbes. As the headquarters of Alibaba and other Internet industry companies, the city has a strong population appeal to Internet industry personnel.

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