CIPTC Held 2020 Christmas Party for Foreign Teachers

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Merry Christmas to you and all of your family!

CIPTC China held a grand Christmas Friendship Party for Foreign Teachers on the evening of December 18.

In this loving Christmas season, CITPC has prepared a number of exquisite gifts for each foreign teacher, including CIPTC Logo shopping bags, notebooks, desk calendars, backpacks and exclusive customized Christmas cards. This is the gift for gratitude, growth and health.

At the party, foreign teachers enjoyed a variety of delicacies, as well as performances such as face-changing Beijing opera and Guzheng with Chinese characteristics. Everyone laughed, gathered together, immersed in an atmosphere of enthusiasm, celebration, and joy.

CIPTC Director Liang Zhaowu and Deputy Director Yu Wei cordially talked with foreign teachers, bringing greetings and blessings, and thanking everyone for their efforts and contributions to China’s education. Afterwards, everyone toasted and celebrated Christmas.

Finally, thank the leaders of CIPTC for their support and the employees of CIPTC for their hard work. Make the 2020 Christmas season so warm and beautiful! Because of you, CIPTC is even more exciting! Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Credit: CIPTC Shenzhen. Check out full article here.

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