South China Business College Invites Foreign Teachers to Cantonese Dim Sum

Updated 2021-02-20 (View on Wechat, 中文)

On February 16, the South China Business College of GDUFS invited foreign teachers on campus to taste Cantonese dim sum (morning tea) at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou, and gave them good wishes for the Spring Festival.

After the outbreak of COVID-19 globally, foreign teachers of South China Business College ensured the smooth running of in-class teaching. Although they are far away from the motherland and are not with their family and friends, they actively cooperate with the school to follow social distancing.

Foreign teachers tasted Liwan Dingzi porridge, sweet vinegar pork, crispy barbecued pork buns, scallop glutinous rice chicken, Lunjiao cake, sirloin claypot and other Guangdong style snacks and foods. The staff of the International Office introduced the stories of dim sum and the cooking methods to foreign teachers.

German foreign teacher Katja said: “I am very grateful to the school; enjoy the traditional Cantonese dim sum in this nice hotel. It made us feel the warmth and unity of being in a foreign country. This is a really good experience.” Korean foreign teacher Li Yinjiao and Thai foreign teacher Ms. Han also expressed their happiness. By tasting authentic Cantonese food, they have a better understanding of Chinese food culture, especially Guangdong food culture

Video of SCBC

(International Office Wen Jinye and Wu Shuchao, Source: South China Business College of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies)

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