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Introduction to CIPTC

China (Shenzhen) International Personnel Training Center (CIPTC) is a State-owned company that recruits Foreign Teachers for the Education Bureau in Shenzhen, China. CIPTC has around 300 foreign employees working in public schools throughout the Shenzhen Area.

CIPTC’s main goal is to internationalize education in the public sector and create a relaxed and friendly environment thus enabling students to gain confidence in their spoken English. To ensure our goals are met, we provide monthly professional collaboration sessions that provide an in-depth focus on instructional strategies to meet the learning levels of students and the instructional diversity of our teachers. Visiting our educator’s classrooms and providing feedback, guidance and recognition then supports our collaboration sessions. CIPTC is growing and impacting the lives of students in China. We are always looking for great, passionate teachers to add the family. Read more.

I. General Standard
Ideal applicants should have a degree and 120 hours TEFL or Teacher Certification. Teachers from English speaking countries and non-English speaking countries are all welcome.

II. Job Vacancy
Primary School, Middle School, High School. You will be teaching at your host school. Teacher’s preference on location and age group will be considered, but not guaranteed. Most schools that work with CIPTC are primary schools. There are fewer middle schools and only a few high schools. We list a few school panoramas to give you a better idea what your future schools are like. Visit CIPTC information page.

III. Tasks:
1. Prepare lessons and teach at assigned school
2. Join in school activities (including English contest, festival parties, open class, etc.).
3. Participate in relevant meetings and educational research activities held by school.
4. Other work or activities agreed in contract.
5. It is a comfortable teaching position with a lot of time of your own.

IV. Other details:
1. Location: Shenzhen, China
2. Starting date: August or March of each year.
3. Working hours: 8am-12pm, 2pm-5:00pm, Monday to Friday
4. Teaching hours: Up to 18 classes per week; most weeks you will have about 10-12 classes.
5. Average Class size:40-50 students
6. Student’s age:
– Primary school (6-12)
– Middle school & High school (13-18)

V. Employment terms and benefits
1. The employment term is from September to July or from March to January.
2. Monthly salary is between 10,000-15,000RMB before tax + 3,000 housing allowance.
3. Accommodation included or receive RMB 3,000 (before tax) housing allowance.
4. Free breakfast and lunch at school cafeteria. Flight allowances of RMB 8,000. Partial reimbursement of 14 days self-quarantine after fly to China during Covid-19
5. Up to 6,000 performance bonus
6. Extending contract bonus 2,000 RMB
7. About 22 paid national holidays annually. Fully paid month during the winter holiday. If you renew the contract for another year then you are entitled to RMB3,000 during summer holiday.
8. Work Visa (Z) and Residence Permit
9. Accidental Insurance and National Social Insurance
10. CIPTC offers free Chinese class once a week and professional development training once a month.
11. CIPTC will organize a site-seeing activity every month. (for example: spring trip; team trip; culture trip)

Check out CIPTC Teachers Q&A.

If you would like to know more about CIPTC, please add our WeChat ID: isac_org. ISAC is happy to provide with more information about CIPTC and set up an interview for you with the CIPTC HR manager.

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