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On November 16th, Office of International Exchange and Cooperation of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE) organized a one-day culture experiencing tour for foreign teachers, which aims to let foreign teachers know more about Jiangxi and enrich their life.

Group Photo

The group set out for the Xiufeng mountain at the southern foot of mountain Lu by Jiujiang City at 8:00am. During the trip, the foreign teachers were amazed at the beautiful scenery.

At noon, the foreign teachers had a real Chinese meal and learned Nanchang dialect with great interest.

After that, they went to Donglin Temple and took a closer look at the Buddha, which is said to be the tallest amitabha Buddha in the world. All of the foreign teachers were surprised by the wisdom of Chinese architects.

Through this cultural experience trip, foreign teachers appreciate the beauty of Jiangxi much more deeply, and know more about the local people’s life and history.

(Source: Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics)




下午又一同前往东林寺。在导游的带领下,先后参观了天王殿、极乐殿、大雄宝殿等宏伟建筑。更近距离观摩了据说是中国及全球第一高阿弥陀佛像的东林大佛。一路上,外教们不禁为中国建筑师的智慧所折服。通过这次文化体验之旅,使外教更加深入地领略了江西之美,也更加期待未来在江财的美好生活!(图文/国际合作与交流处 郭磊晶)

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