ISAC or International School Alliance of China is a recruitment agency certified by the Ministry of Human Resources of China. We work with Chinese universities and schools to recruit international teachers to work and teach in China. Our office is in Hangzhou, a city with both western influence and Chinese culture. ISAC’s mission is to introduce responsible and qualified teachers into Chinese classrooms and assist them with a safe, smooth and trustworthy transition at their host schools.

Teach in China Program & ChinaUniversityJobs.com

ISAC Teach in China Program is a language teaching program ISAC introduce language teachers to work at our partner universities and schools for a fixed term.

ChinaUniversityJobs.com is a platform for international teachers, professors, researchers etc. to find higher education jobs in China.

Who Can Benefit From It?

Whether you are now teaching in China or in other countries, or if you wish to work in China in the future, you can always find useful information with us. Navigate our Teach in China Program page and for more information about being a language teacher in China. Visit our Work Visa Page for visa documents you need to teach in China.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at contact@isac.org.cn.

ISAC is a Licensed National Human Resources Service Provider
(License Number: 91360803MA36W9TW3X and 91330110MA2GK4LP34).

ISAC Teachers


Partner Schools

Our Mission

– Introduce Responsible Foreign Teachers

– Benefit Universities & Schools At All Levels

– Improve Education Internationalization

Orientation, Food Tour etc. Let teachers get to know China

ISAC Orientation

Interview with ISAC Foreign Teachers to know more about their life in China


Activity Videos

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