English Teaching Jobs in China​

English Teaching Jobs in China​

Welcome to ISAC! We work with Chinese public universities, primary and secondary schools to offer opportunities to work at Chinese public education sector. ISAC strives to build a trustworthy relation between our partner schools and foreign teachers to make ISAC Teach in China Program a well-perceived program by teachers who are in China and those who wish to teach in China.

As a public school English teacher, you will be working 36-40 hours per week with around 16-20 teaching hours and 20 office hours. Chinese public education system allows teachers to have good amount of out-of-class time and you can explore the neighborhood and get to know Chinese people, culture and community.

Working as an English teacher at Chinese public universities. You will get in touch with Chinese young generation and meet the future leaders of China. Higher education system in China is very different from the west. There are many engineering and technology universities. You will be teaching English to your students including English Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking to prepare them to be better equipped with English skills to communicate with people all over the world.

Other than ESL teacher, we also provide jobs for French, German, Japanese teachers at university level. Please follow closely to our job board for any updates on these job positions

Again, welcome to China! You will be amazed by how the Asian public education system differ from that in the west and understand the East Asian culture in a new better way. Check out below for our latest English teaching jobs in China with ISAC Teach in China Program. Join us for the 2020-21 School Year!

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English Teaching Jobs in China​

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