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Founded in 1958, Gannan Normal University opened its doors as a teachers’ college. Today, the university has grown into a public comprehensive institution with a proud history and an eye on the future. Read More.

College of Foreign Languages
The College of Foreign Languages was founded in 1960. The college has four undergraduate majors in English, Japanese, Business English and Translation, among which the English major is undergraduate brand in Jiangxi Province; the College has the Institute of British and American Literature.

The college has 101 full-time teachers. Among them, there are 9 professors and 43 associate professors; foreign teachers are employed in English and Japanese.

The college actively carries out international cooperation and exchange activities, and sends students to study or internships at St. Mary’s Hill University, Murray State University, Okayama University of Commerce, Kyushu Foreign Languages College, Daejeon University of Korea, and universities in France and Russia. Dozens of schools, enterprises and institutions at home and abroad have signed long-term and stable cooperation agreements, and graduates are highly praised by employers.

Job Description
2 vacancies: one for business English, and one for English-major courses.
1. 16-18 classes per week
2. Monthly salary of 10,000 RMB
3. RMB 450 bus fare each term
4. RMB 1,500 meal allowance each term
5. RMB 1,100 travel allowance
6. Airfare: Round-trip air ticket covered
7. Free apartment with furniture
8. Medical insurance covering the whole contract period

Job Qalification
1. Native language tutor
2. Have a bachelor’s degree or above
3. English or education related major
4. If you are not in the above mentioned major, you should have more than 2 years of English teaching experience, or have an English teaching certificate

Life on Campus
1. Life at Gannan Normal University (Campus Scenery, Food, Activities etc.)
2. Life: City Guide: Living in Ganzhou

1. Private apartment is provided, the apartment is on campus
2. In the apartment you will have basic furniture including TV, washing machine, refrigerator, air-conditioner, WiFi etc.
3. The apartment is provided by the university. It is not the most lavish apartment but it is clean and cozy. It comes with wood flooring in the living area and ceramic flooring in the dinning area. It has all the basic furniture you need including TV set, sofa, dining table, desk, bed etc.

Gannan Normal University Job Dorm Gannan Normal University Job Dorm

“Ganzhou is a medium-sized, quiet and green city in southern China. It is one of the top 10 cities with the highest forest coverage in the country with 9 national forest parks. Our campus is in the quieter part of the city, not in downtown (about 4km from the city center); the campus is very green and full of trees. The campus is about 30 mins from the Ganzhou Huangjin Airport which connects with all the major cities in China including Shanghai and Beijing. If you would like to experience our Chinese Hakka Culture and live in a comfortable, slow paced southern city like Ganzhou, our university welcomes you!”

Campus Ganzhou CityCity Center

Ganzhou PagodaCity Park

Trees and Road

Cherry Blossom

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