CIPTC Annual Meeting and Award Ceremony 2018

Updated 2018-12-29 (full article) China (Shenzhen) International Training Center (CIPTC) held its annual meeting and award ceremony on December 21, 2018. Director of CIPTC, Liang Zhaowu, Minister of International Education Department, Wu Weihong, and all members of the CIPTC office staff, as well as more than 300 foreign teachers from […]

CIPTC Bao’an Foreign Teacher Professional Development Training

Updated 2018-03-14 (Read full article) This week’s Professional Development was special because it was separated into three different places rather than one place. Much like we try to differentiate our teaching to our students, according to the grade taught by Foreign Teachers; they were divided into three Learning Circles. Compared […]

David – My First Year in CIPTC China

Read full article With this being my first year both teaching and in China, I didn’t know what to expect. Teaching Grades 1 and 2 wasn’t my preferred option, and I knew it would be challenging with regards to classroom management. But I was presented with my own unique challenges, […]

CIPTC Cultural Trip 2018 with Foreign Teachers

Updated 2018-02-24 (Read full article) CIPTC foreign teachers take group photos in front of Zhencheng Tulou. To demonstrate the profound Chinese culture and enhance foreign teachers’ interest and sense of identity of Chinese culture, CIPTC organizes a variety of cultural activities during the winter holiday every year. Cultural Visits for […]

2017 CIPTC Annual Review Meeting and Award Ceremony

Updated 2017-12-24 (Read full article) A Day in the life of Mr. Higgins – Mr. Liam Higgins is a Foreign Teacher at Xin’anhu Primary School. He felt good today because he got the successful teaching progress email telling him he was upgraded to Level II last night. He was very […]

CIPTC Teacher’s Accommodation and School Food

Read full article CIPTC provide accommodation for foreign teachers who arrive in Shenzhen during the summer vacation. You will know which school to teach at the end of August. After that, you will rent your own apartment close to your school. CIPTC will recommend English-speaking agents to help you find […]