Benjamin – It’s Great Being Here, Being Part of the School

Benjamin Ceary is an English teacher at North China Institute of Aerospace Engineering There is no fear in love. When love is complete, fear is removed. It is hard to sleep when fear creeps into the mind. Images of doctors in masks trying to help suffering patients fill our thoughts. […]

Dennis – I Look Forward to Seeing My Students Back to School

Dennis is an English teacher at Ningxia Institute of Science and Technology     Dennis, USA, English Teacher at Ningxia Institute of Science and Technology Dennis Needham is an English teacher from the USA who has been working in China for 17 years. In 2003, Dennis finished teaching English in […]

Thomas – It’s not a ‘Chinese Virus’

Thomas Ramsey is an English teacher at China Three Gorges University Click here to watch the interview. It’s not a good time to finger point during the pandemic, especially discriminate against Chinese and its country due to fear and ignorance. Instead, the world should work together to combat the crisis, […]

Jason – I Hope You Are Keeping Safe and Well

Jason is an English teacher at Lanzhou University (Video) Hello, everybody. I hope you’re keeping safe and well at this difficult time. I’m at home here in Lanzhou with my family, my wife and my daughter. We have been here for the whole holidays. We haven’t left Lanzhou. This is […]

Milan – Stay Strong and We will Continue Our English Learning

Milan, English Teacher at Lanzhou University Okay! First, I want to say Hello. Happy new year to everyone, all of you, my students. I’m sorry this is the only way we can communicate at the beginning of this spring semester. Unfortunately, this is all we can do at this point. […]

Irene – Message to My Students at Lanzhou University

Irene, English Teacher at Lanzhou University Hi, everyone. The beginning of the 2020 turned out to be quite harsh for many places around the world, but the news about Wuhan has struck each family on the planet. I got the messages from my friends in Brazil, Canada and Australia, along […]

Brett – The Perks and Benefits of Teaching English at a Chinese University

By Brett, University Teacher in NingboTeaching English at a Chinese University   In this post I’ll run through the perks and financial benefits of teaching English in a Chinese university. Chinese university jobs aren’t the highest paid teaching positions in China. For better salaries you need to teach young kids, […]