CIPTC Annual Meeting and Award Ceremony 2018

Updated 2018-12-29 (full article)

China (Shenzhen) International Training Center (CIPTC) held its annual meeting and award ceremony on December 21, 2018. Director of CIPTC, Liang Zhaowu, Minister of International Education Department, Wu Weihong, and all members of the CIPTC office staff, as well as more than 300 foreign teachers from Shenzhen and Zhongshan attended the meeting.

The meeting was a comprehensive overview of CIPTC achievements in 2018, emphasized company goals for 2019, and rewarded teachers for their outstanding contributions.

Minister Wu Weihong summarized that in 2018, CIPTC continued to grow and steadily complete the International Curriculum Projects of the Education Bureau of Shenzhen in Futian, Lo Wu, Bao’ An, Yantian, Longgang, and so forth. He emphasized that the management, training, and teaching quality of foreign teachers have all been improved, and this has been recognized by schools and education authorities. CIPTC has continued to expand as well, with the addition of trusted and favored study abroad programs. In 2018, the foreign teacher program has been expanded as well, into Pingshan district, Zhongshan, and Wuhan cities. CIPTC’s advance experience in international education management was warmly welcomed into these three regions by local education authorities and schools. The quality and quantity of the foreign teaching program reached a new peak in 2018, maintaining CIPTC’s position as leader in internationalizing education and advancing the development of this industry.

Jocelyn, Eddy and Hans, who are in charge of the foreign teacher mentor program, gave a comprehensive report and summary on the work in 2018 respectively.

Director Liang Zhaowu fully acknowledged the achievements of 2018. He expressed his appreciation and gratitude to all the staff and more than 300 foreign teachers for their hard work and dedication throughout the year, giving blessings and well wishes to all the foreign teachers.

The meeting awarded extraordinary individuals for their outstanding work in 2018. Hans, a foreign researcher from the Lo Wu Education Bureau, and 14 other foreign mentors were awarded the “Outstanding Contribution Award,” while “Teacher of the Year” was given to 6 foreign teachers, including David from Jingtian Primary School, and 5 foreign teachers, including Calum from Mingde Kindergarten, were awarded “Teacher of the Month.” Furthermore, Jeremy, from Hongling Middle School, and 64 other teachers, were recognized with the “Loyalty Award.” Director Liang Zhaowu and Minister Wu Weihong presented certificates of honor and awards of up to 10,000 yuan to the recipients.

CIPTC foreign teachers expressed pride in the achievements of CIPTC during 2018, and sincerely appreciated CIPTC for the professional, patient, and meticulous management, service and help. They also were thankful to the mentors for selflessly taking their personal time to help improve teachers’ ability and confidence in the classroom in such a short time.

Credit: CIPTC Shenzhen. Check out full article here.

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