CIPTC Teacher’s Accommodation and School Food

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CIPTC provide accommodation for foreign teachers who arrive in Shenzhen during the summer vacation. You will know which school to teach at the end of August. After that, you will rent your own apartment close to your school. CIPTC will recommend English-speaking agents to help you find your ideal apartments.

The following pictures are taken from Mofang apartment, where teachers stay for the summer time.

Summer Residence

Mofang Apartment for Teachers During Summer


Breakfast and Lunch at School Café

Breakfast and Lunch are provided to teachers for free. Some schools provide western style bread for students and teachers. Most breakfasts come with eggs, buns, corn, congee etc. Lunch is rice with Chinese style dishes.

Check here for more pictures.

Credit: CIPTC Shenzhen. Check out more pictures here.

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