CIPTC Bao’an Foreign Teacher Professional Development Training

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This week’s Professional Development was special because it was separated into three different places rather than one place. Much like we try to differentiate our teaching to our students, according to the grade taught by Foreign Teachers; they were divided into three Learning Circles. Compared with previous training, these learning circles were more targeted to teacher’s specific content base, smaller in size, and more efficient.

Three trainings were held at the same time


As the saying goes, make your whole year’s plans in spring. Today was the Spring Equinox. It was the fourth solar term in the 24th solar terms, and this training was also the fourth professional skills training for our new semester. The training content fits this day well because it was to make personal professional development plans. Three different Mentors and Mentors in Training presented the sessions.

This author was with Mentor Eddy, who gave our Foreign Teachers the “Teacher Goal Setting and Professional Development” Worksheet. The form mainly included what kind of results the Foreign Teachers want to achieve this semester, what efforts should be made for this result, and so on. Eddy explained, “For example, you can set a goal like: I hope that 80% of my students will get more than 80 points in the final exam. That’s your goal. Then you have to plan for this goal, what are you going to do, and how you are going to get your students there.”

Mentor Eddy was explaining how to set a goal


CIPTC is constantly improving the delivery and content of the training to meet their teacher’s needs. This previous Learning Circles had also achieved very good results, but this time we listened to teacher’s feedback and tried to tailor the training to their grade level. In the future, CIPTC will continue to look for more efficient, more professional training methods. After all, we want the best in Bao’an!

Credit: CIPTC Shenzhen. Check out full article here.

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