CIPTC Mentor Program — My Experience

Updated 2021-06-08 (Full Article) — By Natalie My journey with CIPTC started about four years ago when I decided I needed a change of scenery after completing five years of ESL teaching in South Korea. My time in Shenzhen has been colourful and full of noteworthy highs, but one thing […]

My Story of Flying Back to China Under the COVID-19 Restriction

Updated 2021-04-20 From Manila to Incheon to Zhengzhou My experience as a Filipino-Canadian going back to China coming from the Philippines: it took me several days to procure my visa at the Chinese Embassy in Manila. Then another few days to conclude my negative COVID-19 test result. Had my virtual […]

CIPTC Foreign Teachers’ Spring Cultural Trip

Updated 2021-02-03 (View on Toutiao) Spring begins, all things welcome the New Year. With both their hearts and minds full of spring feelings, on February 3rd, 2021, the foreign teachers of CIPTC embarked on a Hakka cultural experience. Journey at the beginning of Spring Mr. Liang, China (Shenzhen) International Personnel […]

CIPTC Training Session with Mentor Kam

Updated 2021-01-04 (View more on On December 30, 2020, CIPTC launched the professional development training of “HOW TO TEACH: Grammar for Communicative Proficiency” for the foreign teachers in Futian and Luohu districts, which was a complete success. Mentor Kam, as the presentor of this training, shared and discussed some […]

CIPTC Held 2020 Christmas Party for Foreign Teachers

Updated 2020-12-10 (View more on Merry Christmas to you and all of your family! CIPTC China held a grand Christmas Friendship Party for Foreign Teachers on the evening of December 18. In this loving Christmas season, CITPC has prepared a number of exquisite gifts for each foreign teacher, including […]

CIPTC Annual Meeting and Award Ceremony 2020

Updated 2020-12-24 (Read full article) Foreign teachers who have won long-term service award certificates and bonus At 2:30 pm on December 18, CIPTC’s 2020 Annual Meeting and Award Ceremony was successfully held in the International Talent Building of CIPTC. CIPTC successfully bid for 67 PU letters and assisted 19 foreign […]

CIPTC Orientation for New Teachers of Fall Semester ’20

Updated 2020-08-31 (View more on At the beginning of the new semester of Fall 2020, in order to improve the teaching level and work adaptability of the foreign teachers, enhance the sense of service and professionalism, from August 25th to 28th, CIPTC successfully held a foreign teacher orientation training […]