Andrew – My Experience with CIPTC

If you are on this website you must be thinking about coming to China to teach, and I am sure you will have questions! I was in the same position when I was contacted out of the blue by CIPTC. I was worried, but they responded to my emails and […]

Erin – Teaching progress and those little moments with CIPTC

My first day in Bao’an was steady stream of chaos, noise and confusion. The only real thought I was keenly aware of was: “It’s hot, it’s so hot.” I had already sweated through the clothes I was wearing and all I could think about was sleep and the possibility of […]

Derek – A Scottish electronics engineer comes to CIPTC

Where would an engineer begin? At the beginning of course. One day last year I was sitting at my desk doing the usual stuff. Mathematics, figuring out odd variables and potential financial disasters that may come back to bite my company on the bum. I had my resume online, as […]