Dalian Neusoft University Move Classes Online

Updated 2020-03-25 According to the state policy, Dalian Neusoft University of Information move classes online to help stop the spread the of the coronavirus. Gabriella, one of the foreign faculty, used the new teaching model together with many other teachers from the university. “Overall today’s class went very well. The […]

NIT Foreign Faculty’s Online Classes During Epidemic

Updated 2020-03-25 Since March 7, the School of International Education of Nanchang Institute of Technology has officially launched the online oral English teaching platform for foreign teachers. The online speaking course covers 8 classes in two grades. Due to the epidemic situation, the foreign teachers of the International Education College […]

Dalian Jiaotong University Teachers Take Coronavirus Seriously

Updated 2020-03-24 At present, there are 9 foreign teachers at Dalian Jiaotong University, including 5 in Dalian and 4 overseas. According to the daily feedback from them, the teachers currently at the school are in good physical condition. After the virus breakout in January, the school sent medical protective gears […]

JUFE Foreign Teachers Teach Online Classes

Updated 2020-03-22 Affected by the epidemic of coronavirus pneumonia, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE) has launched a new online teaching model on many platforms since February 17. More than 10 foreign teachers from 9 countries have encountered problems such as time difference and language barriers on the Chinese […]

(Video) Italian Professor in China: I Feel Safe Here

Updated 2020-03-22 “People are complying with all measurements, this is the most impressive thing for me, that Chinese people are very disciplined, patient and decided to do the right thing now.” Professor Luther is an expat expert working in the South China University of Technology, researching China’s industrial development and […]

Teachers of Henan Normal University Carry Out Online Teaching

Updated 2020-03-22 Due to the epidemic, our university has been conducting online teaching for 4 weeks. Foreign teachers at our university cannot return to school on time, but they overcome difficulties and actively use the Internet for online teaching. Rafael Rivera in Online Class Paul Kearney, our specially-appointed professor, is […]

Virus Prevention Measures at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

Updated 2020-03-20 In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, ensure the quality of campus life of overseas students, and enhance their physique, the International Education Institute held the activity of “overcoming the difficulties and fighting the epidemic together” – International student challenge of Zhejiang Sci-Tech […]