CIPTC Teaching Research and Team Building Activity

Updated 2020-08-10 (full article) A Successful Teaching Research and Team Building Activity for CIPTC Foreign Teachers D1 – 2020年8月6日 August 6th, 2020 Cannot wait to see the beautiful scenery in the East! Typhoon had gone, CIPTC foreign teachers started their summer teaching training and team-building activity in a good mood. […]

Thomas – How is it Teaching English in CIPTC

Read full article I tried to think of one story to tell about my time in China with CIPTC but in truth I couldn’t because I simply have too many now. There are so many positives about living in China and doing the job we do it’s no surprise to […]

Monique – My new life in China and CIPTC

People always say, “Anything is possible” and “You never know where you might end up”, and that has proven to be true, as I never imagined that in August 2019, I would have flown a combined 21 hours, from Kingston Jamaica, to Shenzhen China, to teach English as a second […]

CIPTC Teachers Attend Chinese Calligraphy Contest for Foreigners in China

Updated 2019-06-17 (More photos on The 3rd “Oriental Cup” Chinese Calligraphy Contest On the afternoon of June 15th, the 3rd “Oriental Cup” Chinese Calligraphy Contest Opening Ceremony and Calligraphy Salon was held successfully in Futian. The calligraphy contest was hosted by Propaganda Department of Shenzhen Futian district committee of […]

CIPTC Teachers in Bao’an Foreign Teachers Talent Show

Updated 2019-05-31 (Read full article) On the afternoon of May 29th, the first foreign teachers’ talent show in Bao’an was held successfully. The talent show was hosted by Bao’an Education Development Affairs Center, and it co-organized by Bao’an Xiaode School and Shenzhen Special Zone Newspaper Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. The […]

CIPTC Teachers Experience Chinese Tea and Craft

Updated 2019-05-17 (View on CIPTC organized a variety of cultural activities in Shanzhi Academy on May 12th, 2019, to let foreign teachers further study Chinese traditional culture and experience the charm of Chinese traditional culture. CIPTC teachers learn the traditional Chinese craft of paper-cutting The traditional tea ceremony originated […]

Cultural Trip for CIPTC Foreign Teachers 2019

Updated 2019-02-13 (full article) To share profound Chinese culture and enhance foreign teachers’ interest and understanding of Chinese culture, CIPTC organizes a variety of cultural activities during the winter holiday every year. The 2019 cultural trip for CIPTC foreign teachers has drawn to a successful close recently. During this trip, […]