CIPTC Mentor Program — My Experience

Updated 2021-06-08 (Full Article)

— By Natalie

My journey with CIPTC started about four years ago when I decided I needed a change of scenery after completing five years of ESL teaching in South Korea.

My time in Shenzhen has been colourful and full of noteworthy highs, but one thing that made the transition from South Korea easier, was the support and assistance from a great team of mentors and the role-model I found in my initial Mentor, Edward.

Since joining CIPTC, I have had the opportunity and privilege to join the Mentor Team and it has not only been a rewarding experience, but has also pushed me in my own growth and professional development as a teacher and teaching instructor.

One of the advantages of working with CIPTC is that every new teacher is paired with a Mentor. The CIPTC Mentor Team consists of a strong group of experienced educators who are passionate about teaching as well as aiding newcomers in adjusting to their new school environment, life in China, lesson planning and teaching material, professional development and teaching methods.

The Mentors fulfil many roles and besides being a friend, role-model, confidant and being there for support and guidance, also have the power to provide the necessary encouragement to motivate and empower teachers. While it is also necessary to provide honest feedback, a lot of praise is given and teachers’ efforts, performance and professional growth are recognized and rewarded.

At CIPTC, the Mentor Team is always prepared and ready to assist. This is especially comforting and beneficial not only to new teachers, but also to more established CIPTC teachers and everyone has the opportunity to make a friend for their entire time or career in China.

I have certainly made friends for life and have also learned a lot from my mentees. At the end of the day, this program is designed for the benefit of all CIPTC teachers and I wouldn’t have been able to succeed at this role without the invaluable guidance and support from our CIPTC managers, Hannah, Carey, Marcia and other influential mentors, Edward and Hans.

(Natalie is an English teacher mentor working at CIPTC Shenzhen. Credit: CIPTC Shenzhen)

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