CIPTC Orientation for New Teachers of Fall Semester ’20

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At the beginning of the new semester of Fall 2020, in order to improve the teaching level and work adaptability of the foreign teachers, enhance the sense of service and professionalism, from August 25th to 28th, CIPTC successfully held a foreign teacher orientation training class in the international talent building.

After checking the travel records and health status of the foreign teachers, all foreign teachers participated in the training in strict accordance with the epidemic prevention and control requirements of CIPTC. Mr. Li Xiaohua, the teaching director of the foreign education program of the CIPTC, and Mr. Cao Yu, the supervisor of the Futian area, combined with a wealth of foreign teacher management experience, and through a large number of vivid examples to tell all new foreign teachers about foreign teachers’ knowledge of laws and regulations, ideology, national training center and The school’s management requirements for foreign teachers, Shenzhen city situation and academic conditions, etc.

More than a dozen tutors including foreign teachers Eddy, George, Norman, etc. explained in detail the contents of classroom management, teaching plan design, teaching skills, etc., to help foreign teachers adapt to the new working environment and integrate into the CIPTC family as soon as possible. Welcome to the CIPTC Family!

Credit: CIPTC Shenzhen. Check out full article here.

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