CIPTC Training Session with Mentor Kam

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On December 30, 2020, CIPTC launched the professional development training of “HOW TO TEACH: Grammar for Communicative Proficiency” for the foreign teachers in Futian and Luohu districts, which was a complete success.

Mentor Kam, as the presentor of this training, shared and discussed some of the techniques that help students use grammar effectively, and provided examples of reflective practices to facilitate teaching grammar. He also covered basic concepts of grammar research and addressed important components of teaching grammar to help students build communicative competence.

The foreign teachers participating in the training were fully absorbed, communicated with each other and shared their teaching experience through seminars. In the pleasant and relaxing atmosphere of interaction between the mentor and foreign teachers, the foreign teachers have given new inspiration to grammar teaching and solved the puzzles and difficulties.

CIPTC will also continue its efforts to promote the Internationalization of Education in Shenzhen.

Credit: CIPTC Shenzhen. Check out full article here.

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