CIPTC Teachers Attend Chinese Calligraphy Contest for Foreigners in China

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The 3rd “Oriental Cup” Chinese Calligraphy Contest

On the afternoon of June 15th, the 3rd “Oriental Cup” Chinese Calligraphy Contest Opening Ceremony and Calligraphy Salon was held successfully in Futian. The calligraphy contest was hosted by Propaganda Department of Shenzhen Futian district committee of CPC, and it directed by the Futian Foreign Affairs Office. As the special invited company of the contest, CIPTC organized our foreign teachers to participate in this activity. The director of CIPTC, Mr. Liang Zhaowu, attached great importance to the activity, and was invited by the organizer as a special guest of the launching ceremony of the contest, joined the opening ceremony of the contest with Ms. Philippa.

Foreign teachers exchanged their experience on site

Many excellent calligraphy works written by foreigners were exhibited at the site, which attracted our foreign teachers to stop and watch. During the visit, our teachers exchanged ideas with each other and discussed calligraphy experience together. They immersed in the charm of calligraphy and revealed their love for Chinese traditional culture.

Our foreign teachers were writing calligraphy

At the Calligraphy Salon, our foreign teachers brush and ink,and showed all kinds of calligraphy with the different charm. They concentrated on writing calligraphy to their satisfaction. Mr. Liang has a highly appreciated to foreign teachers calligraphy works.

Ms. Philippa, which was an excellent contestant of the last “Oriental Cup”, was took her time on the spot and was able to write with ease.

Ms. Nancy is an experienced calligraphy enthusiast. She asked other calligraphy enthusiasts for calligraphy experience actively and learned calligraphy skills from the teachers. She wrote “Hou De Zai Wu”in the salon.

Exhibition of foreign teachers’ works

Mr. Nate also expressed his love for Chinese traditional culture. He felt that he was being immersed into Chinese culture and that made him happy, especially when he wants to learn.

This calligraphy activity have showed the beauty of Chinese characters and the beauty of calligraphy. It made foreign teachers have more interested in Chinese culture. They also expressed their expectation of the next calligraphy activity at the end. If you have any excellent calligraphy works during this period, you can also send them to us and participate in the contest. Let’s look forward to the results of the Calligraphy Contest in November!

(Credit: CIPTC Shenzhen)

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