CIPTC China Shenzhen International Personnel Training Center

CIPTC China Shenzhen International Personnel Training Center

CIPTC China Shenzhen International Personnel Training Center
CIPTC China Shenzhen International Personnel Training Center CIPTC China Shenzhen International Personnel Training Center


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About CIPTC China Shenzhen International Personnel Training Center

China (Shenzhen) International Personnel Training Center or CIPTC is a state-owned company jointly established in 1991 by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and the Shenzhen Municipal Government. It is an international talent training base under the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau. CIPTC is located in the International Talent Building in the city center of Shenzhen Futian District.

Education Internationalization Project
In 2012, CIPTC began to undertake the “Education Internationalization Project” in Shenzhen together with Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau, bringing in more than 1,000 foreign teachers in total to different public elementary and high schools in Shenzhen.

Teach English in Shenzhen with CIPTC
China Shenzhen International Personnel Training Center recruits Foreign Teachers for the Education Bureau in Shenzhen, China. CIPTC has around 300 foreign employees working in public schools throughout the Shenzhen Area.

According to the Shenzhen Statistical Yearbook, there are 2,533 schools of all levels and types in Shenzhen, including 13 colleges and universities, 390 middle schools, 344 primary schools, 1771 kindergartens, and 15 secondary vocational colleges.

At present, CIPTC have signed contracts with Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau, Futian Education District, Luohu Education District, Bao’an Education District and Yantian Education District to recruit foreign teachers to teach at public schools in these school districts.

ISAC is a certified recruit agency for CIPTC. ISAC works closely with CIPTC to introduce qualified teachers and assist them with a safe, smooth and trustworthy transition at their placement schools in Shenzhen. We are always looking for great, passionate teachers to add the family.

Teacher’s Story
Thomas – How is it Teaching English in CIPTC
David – My First Year in CIPTC China
Garry – A Northern English Man in A Southern Chinese City
Andrew – My Experience with CIPTC
Erin – Teaching progress and those little moments with CIPTC

CIPTC hold orientation for new teachers in order for them to know better Chinese regulations, ideology, public school system and the city of Shenzhen.
CIPTC Orientation for New Teachers of Fall Semester ’20

Mentorship Program
The Mentorship Program is a platform for experienced CIPTC educators to be paired with teachers who are new to the program to help them in the orientation of their school culture, classroom management, lesson planning, instructional strategies and professional development. We also train teachers on their teaching ability to deliver quality classes.
Training Session with Mentor Kam
Mentor Eddy: Use songs effectively in the classroom
Professional and Development Training
Training Session Feb. 2019

Culture Trip
CIPTC organizes a site-seeing activity every month.
Spring trip to Hakka town
Teaching research and team building trip
Cultural trip to Guilin
Cultural trip to Heyuan

CIPTC China Shenzhen International Personnel Training Center CIPTC China Shenzhen International Personnel Training Center


Other Activities
1. Experience Chinese Tea and paper-cutting
2. Teachers Talent Show
3. Chinese Language Class
4. Chinese Calligraphy Contest
5. Wax-berry field picking
and many more..


CIPTC Teachers Q&A

Q1: Which city will I teach in?
A1: You will be teaching at a public primary or middle School, or high school in Shenzhen city, China. Here is the panorama of Shenzhen, China. Here is a video of expat living in Shenzhen.

Q2: At which school will I be teaching?
A2: You will know which school to teach after you arrive in China. Because there are many public schools in Shenzhen, job vacancies are being filled quickly. The process is that after being offered a position by CIPTC, you know you will be teaching at a public school in Shenzhen. Then you fly to China with your work visa. CIPTC will provide you available schools when you arrive in Shenzhen based on your preference on age group and location. A teacher will then have an interview or demo lesson with his/her interested school. If you pass the interview, you are admitted to teach at the school. If you fail the interview, you will be given other schools and other interviews until you get into a school.

Q3: If the position starts at September, can I arrive early?
A3: Yes, you can arrive in Shenzhen early. CIPTC provide teachers who arrive early a free studio apartment, and 2,200 RMB per month as living expense until September 1st.

Q4: What’s the working hours like?
A4: Monday to Friday, 8:30am-11:50am and 2:00pm-5:30pm. Primary schools finish classes early at around 4 to 4:30pm. Middle and High schools finish classes at around 5 to 5:30pm.

Q5: What’s housing like?
A5: Most CIPTC teachers rent apartments off campus, because there are not many schools that provide on campus accommodation, plus the housing conditions are very limited on campus. If you rent a house yourself, CIPTC would recommend agents who speak English and work with CIPTC for a long time.

Q6: Is food free on campus?
A6: Breakfast and lunch are provided at school cafeteria for free. Dinner is not provided.

Q7: What is a public school like in Shenzhen?
A7: We list a few school panoramas to give you a better idea what your public schools are like in Shenzhen:
Shenzhen Xili Primary School
Shenzhen Yuanling Primary School
Shenzhen Bao’an Experimental School
Shenzhen Bao’an Tianjiao Primary School

Q8: How do I get a health report?
A8: It’s required by the Foreign Expert Bureau that all applicants must provide a health report for the application. There’s a standard official form for you to take a fully body check. However, it will be money consuming and time costly to get the form done. Therefore, we suggest you get a doctor from a hospital or clinic to write you a Heal Statement to prove that you are in good health condition and carry no contagious disease. We can simply use that statement to apply for work visa.

Q9: Why applying via ISAC?
ISAC is a certified recruit agency for CIPTC; ISAC connects you directly with the HR Manager Mingxing Li from CIPTC.

Q10: How is my salary decided?
Salary depends on your qualification as well as the budget of each education district in Shenzhen. If you are okay with teaching in outskirts of the city, you would get higher salary than teaching in downtown. In downtown area like Futian, Luohu and Yantian, the highest salary is 15,000 RMB per month; In Bao’an and Nanshan, the highest is 17,000. For Pingshan and Guangming, it is 18,000 RMB per month.

Q11: CIPTC’s advantage?
1. Stability: working in CIPTC provides foreigner teachers stable working environment and ease of mind; you can work at a school for many years with people/teachers/students you know.
2. Complete Training: CIPTC provides many forms of training to improve your teaching skills and on class management.

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