Mark Levine – Minzu University of China

Hailing from the US, 74 year-old Mark Levine is now an educator at the Minzu University of China. Mark has lived in China for 17 years. Exchanging daily with minority students from all across China, Levine believes that the world should see China for what it is, a multicultural and developing community.

Levine’s heart and home is in China, and it has inspired his artistic side, driving him to write over 80 songs. The most recent song that he wrote is called “My China Surprise”. In the song, he sings that “My China Surprise, you can see it in my eyes. It’s the light that shines in them wherever I go.”

According to Levine, you can always find things that you’re not expecting, and discover new things that you’re able to learn. That’s one of the very exciting things about being in China and throughout the years. Listen to the music from his heart and peak into his soul in this episode of My China Surprise with Mark Levine.

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