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Daniel in a staff meeting


Daniel (ISAC Fall 19 Intake), from Illinois, USA. He is now an English teacher at Wannan Medical College. He has been teaching at the college since Sept. 2019.

My whole experience at Wannan Medical College in Anhui province has been great. The College is located in the city of Wuhu.

In 2016 I had visited the cities of Shanghai and Nanjing very briefly and Beijing for one month but I had never been to Wuhu and therefore had no idea what to expect.

I’m happy to say that Wuhu has been a very nice surprise! As an American from the Midwest, I have thoroughly enjoyed the autumn weather in Wuhu where the average day has been sunny and warm with temperatures in the upper 60’s to upper 70’s. It has been incredible!

The pace of life in Wuhu has also been a perfect match for me. Though Wuhu might be considered to have a low population for China, it still has a lot of life and bustling activity.

But, of all the good things I have to say about the city of Wuhu and Wannan Medical College, the highest praise goes to the teachers and students here. I have been warmly welcomed and given great support every step of the way. Honestly, I can’t imagine a better environment to teach in.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to teach here with ISAC China. Without a doubt, this has been the best option for me and I highly recommend it for anyone else. I have been amazed by the friendly, dedicated, and spirited students and teachers at the school. Who could ever ask for more?

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