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Shangqiu Normal University is located in Shangqiu City, a national, historic and cultural city and “Capital of Chinese Business”, with the beautiful National Forest Park on the old course of the Yellow River in the north, and the ancient Guide City and Yingtian Academy in the south. Because of the intersections of Longhai Railway and Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Lianhuo Expressway and Jiguang Expressway, No.105 and No.105 National Highways, Shangqiu City becomes a key transportation hub in Central China.

On a land of rich historical and cultural deposits, Shangqiu Normal University has been established for more than a century. In 1905, when China was transforming its feudal education system to a modern one, the “Fan Zhongyan Academy”, which was located in Guide Prefectural City and originated from “Yingtian Academy”was restored as “Guide Prefectural Middle School” which is the predecessor of the university. Since the founding of the Republic of China, the school goes through different stages, from “Provincial No.1 Senior High School in Shangqiu”, “Shangqiu University”, “Shangqiu Normal School”, “Junior College Class of Shangqiu Normal School”, to “Shangqiu Normal Junior College”, but its perseverance never changes. In 2000, the university was approved to offer undergraduate education by the State Ministry of Education.

  • There are two campuses, covering about 2,000 mu(about 133.33 hectares), with 1.2 million square meters floor area.
  • More than 25,000 full-time students.
  • There are more than 1,500 people on the staff, including more 1,100 full-time teachers and more than 400 professors and associate professors.
  • There are 21 schools, offering courses of 72 undergraduate programs, covering 10 branches of learning including economics, law, education, literature, history, sciences, engineering, management, agriculture and art.
  • There are about 2 Million books, 1.5 Million electronic magazines, 20 databases in libraries.

1. Position Announcement

  1. Shangqiu Normal University would like to employ teachers from English-speaking countries.
  2. The main teaching task is to teach spoken English to undergraduate students.

2. Job Description

  • ① Full-time work;
  • ② Starting date: September 1st,
  • ③ Contract term: one academic year preferred
  • ④ Teaching load: 16 teaching hours (each teaching hour is 50 minutes) per week;
  • ⑤ Lessons to teach: Oral English, English writing, etc.
  • ⑥ Students: hard working students, ages range from 17 to 22;
  • ⑦ Rest & holidays: free Saturdays and Sundays; one months’ winter vacation with payment.

3. Requirements

  • (1) Native English speakers from the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.
  • (2) Bachelor’s Degree or above.
  • (3) 22-55 years old in good health.
  • (4) Two or more years’ teaching experiences.

4. Salary and Treatment

  • Salary: a monthly salary can be decided through negotiation.it will be increased through your teaching years.
  • Accommodation: a rent-free spacious furnished apartment on campus and utilities provided.
  • Airfare:it can be negotiable.
  • Travel Allowance:it can be negotiable.
  • Insurance: Personal Accident Insurance and Medical insurance.
  • Central heating, internet, electricity and water is free.

5. Documents Required for Application

Personal materials should be supplied in Chinese version and English version.

  • Copy of degree diploma;
  • National criminal history check;
  • Recommendation letters
  • Recent photo
  • Resume (including age, marital status, nationality, etc)

To apply for this job please visit www.isacteach.com.

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