Virus Prevention Measures at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

Updated 2020-03-20

In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, ensure the quality of campus life of overseas students, and enhance their physique, the International Education Institute held the activity of “overcoming the difficulties and fighting the epidemic together” – International student challenge of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University on March 18.

The purpose of this activity is to enrich the life of international students in school. On the premise of adequate safety protection measures, let them go out of the room and travel in the living area to help them overcome the epidemic! The activity attracted some international students who had been closed in the living area for nearly a month and a half. The activity takes student safety as an important premise, and the whole staff takes protective measures in all aspects. Under the organization of the teachers of the International Education Institute, the international students, volunteers, and staff participating in the activity wear masks throughout the whole process, and each punching point is equipped with hand sanitizer and disinfectant water, so as to do a good job in disinfection and protection at any time.

The challenge project of this activity combines a variety of themes such as epidemic prevention and control, Chinese traditional culture, sports and so on, adding luster and vitality to the monotonous closed life. Among them, skipping rope, playing football and other sports made the participating international students fully exercise; although many overseas students were baffled by traditional Chinese cultural projects such as writing Chinese characters, reading ancient poems and practicing chopsticks, some of the “experienced” students quickly completed their tasks. In addition, the basketball in the “shooting” project has become different kinds of “garbage”, and the students have also started the “shooting” activity to strengthen the garbage classification awareness. The activity also set up a multilingual epidemic prevention and control knowledge, fueling the video recording link for epidemic prevention and control, which helped our school’s epidemic prevention and control publicity work. At the end of the activity, the cards full of “fighting for the world with one heart” were posted to convey the best wishes of international students in China.

At the end of the activity, the teachers and students who participated in the activity held a cheering placard to send blessings to the whole world in front of the camera.

为切实做好疫情防控工作,保障在校留学生校园生活质量,增强学生体质,国际教育学院于3月18日举办了“共克时艰 同心抗‘疫’”——在校留学生挑战打卡活动。





(Source: ZSTU)

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