Mary – Hangzhou Normal University

  1. What makes you come to teach in China? I came to China because during my time teaching ESL in America, I had the opportunity to teach Chinese business men and women who were taking business classes at the university where I was teaching. I wanted to come and experience their home and have […]

Fay & Jordan – Henan Normal University

Jordan is from Toronto, Ontario and Fay is a Chinese Canadian being brought up in Ottawa, Ontario. After graduating from the University of Toronto, they decided to come and teach in China. Currently they are under the University Teaching Program and are appointed as foreign language teachers at the Foreign Language Department of Henan Normal […]

Kevin – Hangzhou Jingyuan Primary School

  What makes you to come to teach in China? I have always been very interested in coming to Asia in general as I have loved the cultures and history from a young age. Out of all of my options in Asia, China offered the best benefits, salary and security though which is why I […]

Karin – Anhui Science and Technology University

ISAC Program is an excellent program. My placement at Anhui University in Fengyang has been a smooth one thanks to the hard work and dedication of ISAC as well as that of Mr Wang and students who have helped to make the transition easier. I was met at Shanghai Pudong airport by Mr Wang and […]

We Are Foreign Teachers in Hangzhou Public Schools!

2018. Oct. 26th ? It has been a month since the new semester began. And having worked in their new schools for a month, our foreign teachers have something to say about their experience. Let’s meet them and hear what they say. Daniel, Jianqiao Experimental Middle School My name is Daniel and I am a […]

Jim – Wenzhou University

“My encouragement to you is to enjoy your time here, just set aside that you are out of your normal culture; enjoy Chinese food, learn about China, do some traveling in China. Try to see what the people and the culture is like as 20% of the people are in China. If you understand their […]

Sheldan – Foshan, Guangdong Province

My name is Sheldan and I am from South Africa. After struggling with unscrupulous recruiters I stumbled upon the ISAC program and applied. They got back to me immediately and put me in contact with my current school at which I am very happy. Having traveled extensively in Asia, my move to China from South […]