Chris – Hangzhou Xiasha Middle School

Chris is from USA, he is now teaching at Hangzhou Xiasha Middle School under ISAC Hangzhou Program for the 2019-20 school year. As the only foreign teacher working there, he feels it is a ‘fun and interesting’ experience. Although there are not many foreigners around to hang out with, he […]

Jessica – Hangzhou Wuchang Primary School

Jessica is from UK; she is now teaching grade 1 students at Wuchang Primary School for the 2018-19 school year.    Video: ISAC Teacher’s Interview -Mary and Jessica   About Hangzhou Program ISAC Hangzhou Program  

Adelaide – Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

My name is Adelaide, I’m 27 years of age and I’m South African. I have my Bachelors degree in Education from the University of Pretoria. I started teaching at Elementary school in South Africa 2011. I always wanted to travel abroad so I went to South Korea to Teach English. […]

Richard – Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Hello I’m Richard Kinghorn. I come from Glasgow which is in Scotland. Scotland is part of the U.K but used to be a separate country. So I can call myself both British and Scottish. In 2009 I graduated in Pharmacology with honours from Glasgow University. My previous jobs include working […]

Natcher – Quzhou, Zhejiang Province

“Can I have a cup of tea?” “Yes, of course” The story of Natcher, who is an English Teacher teaching in Kaihua Middle School. Natcher today shares his story with us. 开 化 中 学 外 教 Natcher 上 完 了 新 高 一 创 新 班 的 最 后 […]