Fay & Jordan – Henan Normal University

Jordan is from Toronto, Ontario and Fay is a Chinese Canadian being brought up in Ottawa, Ontario. After graduating from the University of Toronto, they decided to come and teach in China. Currently they are under the University Teaching Program and are appointed as foreign language teachers at the Foreign Language Department of Henan Normal […]

We Are Foreign Teachers in Hangzhou Public Schools!

2018. Oct. 26th ? It has been a month since the new semester began. And having worked in their new schools for a month, our foreign teachers have something to say about their experience. Let’s meet them and hear what they say. Daniel, Jianqiao Experimental Middle School My name is Daniel and I am a […]

Adelaide – Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

My name is Adelaide, I’m 27 years of age and I’m South African. I have my Bachelors degree in Education from the University of Pretoria, I also have a TESOL certificate which makes me a certified Teacher as well. I started teaching at Elementary school in South Africa 2011. I always wanted to travel abroad […]

Richard – Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Hello I’m Richard Kinghorn. I come from Glasgow which is in Scotland. Scotland is part of the U.K but used to be a separate country. So I can call myself both British and Scottish. In 2009 I graduated in Pharmacology with honours from Glasgow University. My previous jobs include working as a pharmaceutical sales consultant, […]

Natcher – Quzhou, Zhejiang Province

“Can I have a cup of tea?” “Yes, of course” The story of Natcher, who is an English Teacher teaching in Kaihua Middle School. Natcher today shares his story with us. 开化 中学 外教 Natcher 上 完了 新 高一 创 新 班 的 最后 一堂 外教 课, 来到 英语 组办公室要了一杯绿茶. 浅色头发、蓝眼睛的外教Natcher,笑起来是个阳光大男孩的模样,他坐在沙发上和记者分享他有趣的中国故事。 Natcher来自美国弗吉尼亚州,1994年出生的他在来中国之前还是拉丁语言文学专业的应届毕业生。在开化待了10个月,他告诉记者,开化对于他这个初来异国的人来说有着特别的意义。 “开化虽然不大,但是很美丽。我喜欢这儿的食物,比如各式各样的面条、开化气糕、包子。我也常会绕着县城散步,看城市的风景,也看乡村的山峰和河流。” Natcher说,教学以外,英语老师们会带着他参观开化的景点,体验开化的风土人情。“去年过年我体验了难以忘怀的中国春节,大家坐在一块聊天,吃很多美食。我还参加了马金豆腐节,也是非常有趣的经历。我很喜欢到附近村镇的湖边钓鱼,度过一个美好而平静的下午。” 因为是文学专业毕业,Natcher的语言非常考究和规范,恰恰符合了中国英语教学的需求。在Natcher的最后一堂课上,他向学生们提出了两个问题:“你为什么想学英语?你为什么不想学英语?”并让每个学生站起来各说出一个理由。 […]