Mary – Hangzhou Normal University

  1. What makes you come to teach in China? I came to China because during my time teaching ESL in America, I had the opportunity to teach Chinese business men and women who were taking business classes at the university where I was teaching. I wanted to come and experience their home and have […]

Kevin – Hangzhou Jingyuan Primary School

  What makes you to come to teach in China? I have always been very interested in coming to Asia in general as I have loved the cultures and history from a young age. Out of all of my options in Asia, China offered the best benefits, salary and security though which is why I […]

Karin – Anhui Science and Technology University

ISAC Program is an excellent program. My placement at Anhui University in Fengyang has been a smooth one thanks to the hard work and dedication of ISAC as well as that of Mr Wang and students who have helped to make the transition easier. I was met at Shanghai Pudong airport by Mr Wang and […]

Jim – Wenzhou University

“My encouragement to you is to enjoy your time here, just set aside that you are out of your normal culture; enjoy Chinese food, learn about China, do some traveling in China. Try to see what the people and the culture is like as 20% of the people are in China. If you understand their […]

Jennifer – Ocean University of China

    What courses are you teaching and when did you started teaching? J: So I came to the OUC this September. This is my first year. And this semester I am teaching a undergraduate course. Western classic literature.I am focusing on children’s literature.And I am also teaching 2 post graduate classes. One in British […]

Foreign Teachers – Qufu Normal University

  Mr.Fisher is from the United States. He is a very interesting and nice teacher both in and after class. The students think him as a super easy-going person! Q: Why do you choose Qufu Normal University? Mr. Fisher:Because my university has a faculty exchange program with Qufu Normal University. Every year, they send a […]

Hilda – Central China Normal University

What is your impression of CCNU? H: Oh, well, the classrooms are very impressive, with the computers, and the way it can be set up so that my power-point can be shared with all of you, and I can share things that are working on right there, so it’s a wonderful setup. And the campus […]