Teresa – Hangzhou Normal University Qianjiang College

Teresa (ISAC Fall 19 Intake) started working at Hangzhou Normal University Qianjiang College since Sept. 2019. After one year teaching at a Nanhai Foreign Language School, she decides to try out a new age group at university level. Having been working at Hangzhou Normal University Qianjiang College for more than […]

James – Zhejiang Financial College

James (ISAC Fall 19 Intake) is an English teacher at Zhejiang Financial College. He has been teaching at the college since Sept. 2019. James is from Alabama, USA. He graduated from University of Alabama, and then worked as an English teacher in Korea for five years. He returned to the […]

Mary – Hangzhou Normal University

Mary joined Hangzhou Normal University from the ISAC 2019 Spring Intake 1. What makes you come to teach in China? I came to China because during my time teaching ESL in America, I had the opportunity to teach Chinese business men and women who were taking business classes at the […]

Daniel – Wannan Medical College

Daniel in a staff meeting My whole experience at Wannan Medical College in Anhui province has been great. The College is located in the city of Wuhu. In 2016 I had visited the cities of Shanghai and Nanjing very briefly and Beijing for one month but I had never been […]

Carl and Jack – Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics

Jack and Carl, from the ISAC Spring 2019 Intake, are teaching at Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics for the 2019 school year. Jack is currently Business English teacher at the School of International Education at JUFE. Carl and Samantha are under the English Language Department of JUFE. Let’s hear […]

Fay & Jordan – Henan Normal University

Jordan is from Toronto, Ontario and Fay is a Chinese Canadian being brought up in Ottawa, Ontario. After graduating from the University of Toronto, they decided to come and teach in China. Currently they are under the University Teaching Program and are appointed as foreign language teachers at the Foreign […]