Kevin – Hangzhou Jingyuan Primary School

  What makes you to come to teach in China? I have always been very interested in coming to Asia in general as I have loved the cultures and history from a young age. Out of all of my options in Asia, China offered the best benefits, salary and security […]

Gregory – Jilin University of Finance and Economics

Gregory is from Toronto, Ontario. He is a foreign teacher at Jilin University of Finance and Economics in Changchun city. Let’s hear what his experience at his university in Northeastern China. Youtube: ISAC Teacher’s Interview – Gregory from Jilin University of Finance and Economics Tecent TV:  

Karin – Anhui Science and Technology University

(In Oct. 2018) ISAC Program is an excellent program. My placement at Anhui University in Fengyang has been a smooth one thanks to the hard work and dedication of ISAC as well as that of Mr Wang and students who have helped to make the transition easier. I was met […]

Jim – Wenzhou University

“My encouragement to you is to enjoy your time here, just set aside that you are out of your normal culture; enjoy Chinese food, learn about China, do some traveling in China. Try to see what the people and the culture is like as 20% of the people are in […]

Sheldan – Nanhai Experimental Primary School

My name is Sheldan and I am from South Africa. After struggling with unscrupulous recruiters I stumbled upon the ISAC program and applied. They got back to me immediately and put me in contact with my current school at which I am very happy. Having traveled extensively in Asia, my […]

Jared – Zhengzhou Primary School

My name is Jared, and I am currently teaching English in a government program in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province. I first came into contact with ISAC whilst teaching in Cambodia. I knew that looking for a job in China and getting all the documents ready was going to […]

Daniel, Quanzhou Julong Foreign Language School

Dear principle Yu,Dear teacher and classmates: Good morning! I am DANIEL, from UK thousands of miles away. As theChinese saying goes: “It is better to travel ten thousand miles than toread ten thousand books.”? so when Igraduated from University of West of England, I came to China, the world’soldest country. […]