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Xiangtan Expat Life

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Xiangtan (湘潭) is located in the middle of Hunan and is located in the middle reaches of the Xiang River. It is a municipality directly under the Central Government of Hunan Province and an open city nationwide. The total population is 2.93 million, of which the urban population is 780,000.

Xiangtan has a long history and has been an important commercial center in central Hunan since ancient times. As early as the 17th century, it was the famous “rice market” and “medicine capital” of the country. Xiangtan has a mild climate, fertile land, and abundant products. It is an important grain and pig production base in the country. Because of its rich production of Xianglian, it is called “the hometown of Xianglian in China”. Xiangtan is an important mechanical and electrical industry base in China. Now it has formed a pillar industry with metallurgy, electromechanical, textile, chemical, building materials as its main body and very competitive. Xiangtan is known as the birthplace of Huxiang culture at home and abroad. It has beautiful scenery, outstanding people, and rich tourism resources. It is the hometown of a generation of great Chairman Mao Zedong, famous military strategist Marshal Peng Dehuai, and world cultural celebrity Master Qi Baishi.

During the national “Tenth Five-Year Plan” period, the Chang-Zhu-Tan Urban Agglomeration was listed as one of the seven densely populated areas in the country to support development. During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the economic integration of the Chang-Zhu-Tan urban agglomeration developed rapidly. Xiangtan was ranked among the top 20 cities in mainland China by Forbes in 2006 for its reform, opening-up, and dare to innovate. For the third. At the end of 2007, the Chang-Zhu-Tan Urban Agglomeration was approved by the State Council as a “resource-saving and environment-friendly” social comprehensive supporting reform pilot zone.

Xiangtan Expats

Expat Life in Xiangtan

Famous Restaurants Xiangtan Expats Must Try
1. Fuxinglou Restaurant
Cuisine: Traditional 1,000 layer glutinous rice cakes
Add: 58S.Jiefang Rd., Xiangtan
Tel: (86)731-58221191

2. Mount Mengze Villa
Cuisine: Hunan cuisine
Add: 3 Huxiang Rd.,Xiangtan

3. Shaoshan Hotel
Cuisine: Mao Family Baked Fish
Add: 16 Guyuan Rd.,Shaoshan

4. Jiayuan Reataurant
Cuisine: Waleng Rolls
Add: 18 E.Shaoshan Rd., Xiangtan

Bar and Café
1. Yes Bar
Add: Lanxia Rd, Yuetang District, Xiangtan, China
2. Jiuwo Light Bar
Add: Liancheng Commercial Pedestrian St, Xiangtan, China

1. Jianlimei Fitness Club
Address: the 6th Floor of GuoguangBuilding, N. Jianshe Rd., Xiangtan Tel: 0731-58258880

Higher Education Institutions
湘潭大学 Xiangtan University
湖南科技大学 Hunan University of Science and Technology
湖南工程学院 Hunan Institute of Engineering

Public Schools

Xiangtan Expats

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