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Hunan Institute of Engineering


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Introduction to Hunan Institute of Engineering

Hunan Institute of Engineering (湖南工程学院, website) is an undergraduate college hosted by the Hunan Provincial People’s Government. In 2018, the school is selected as a “double first-class” construction college of high-level application characteristics in Hunan Province.

Hunan Institute of Engineering was established in June 2000 by the former Xiangtan Mechanical and Electrical College (founded in 1951 and affiliated to the former Ministry of National Machinery Industry and being a national model college for engineering majors), the Hunan Textile College (founded in 1978, under the merger of the former Hunan Provincial Department of Textile Industry. The school upholds the motto of “persistence, dare to be the first” and the school spirit of “unity, rigor, integrity and innovation”, adheres to the school positioning of “applied talent training”, and has formed distinctive engineering applied talent training characteristics. The school is the deputy leader unit of the “National Engineering Applied Undergraduate Education Collaboration Group”, the deputy director member unit of the “National Specialized Committee of Applied Undergraduate Institutions of the National Higher Education Teaching Research Association”, and the “Editorial Review Committee of Applied Talent Training Programs for General Higher Education” Chairman of the unit, the vice chairman unit of the “National Association of Engineering Education and School-Enterprise Alliance of Local Universities”, the director unit of the “China Education International Exchange Association Applied University International Exchange Branch” and the deputy director unit of “Hunan Province Colleges and Universities New Engineering Construction Cooperation Group” .

Hunan Institute of Engineering has two campuses, the main campus and the south campus. They cover an area of 1806 acres and a building area of 540,000 square meters. The main campus is located next to the Xiangjiang River, sitting on the Muyu Lake, with beautiful scenery. It is a “garden-like campus” and a “civilized college” in Hunan Province.

The Hunan Institute of Engineering closely meets the needs of the regional economy and the development of the electromechanical and textile industries. With the goal of cultivating high-quality application-oriented talents, it has formed an advantageous professional group of electrical, mechanical, textile, chemical, and management, covering engineering, management, culture, science, Economics, arts and other disciplines. The school now has 19 teaching colleges (departments, centers), 55 undergraduate majors, and 2 engineering master degree points. Has 8 “double first-class” construction and application specialty disciplines in Hunan Province; 8 “Excellence Program” implementation specialities of the Ministry of Education; 8 national and provincial specialties; 6 national and provincial professional comprehensive reform pilot specialities; provincial 9 first-class professional construction sites. The two majors of mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, electrical engineering and automation have passed engineering education professional certification. There are 4 national-level practical education platforms and 1 national-level university student science and technology innovation team. There are 18 provincial-level innovation and entrepreneurship platforms, and 25 provincial-level school-enterprise cooperative talent training demonstration bases and 25 excellent internship bases. The Ministry of Education has 61 collaborative education programs, 17 provincial-level quality courses, and 32 provincial informatization application construction projects. Metalworking practice base is a national training and examination center for metalworking practice teaching instructors determined by the Ministry of Education.

Hunan Institute of Engineering currently has 1,547 faculty members, including 1006 full-time teachers; 897 of them have either doctoral or master’s degrees including 3 national model (excellent) teachers, 4 experts who enjoy special allowances from the State Council and the Provincial Government, 2 outstanding talents of the New Century from the Ministry of Education, 6 members of the Professional Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education; provincial famous teachers, provincial and ministerial levels 12 outstanding teachers, 14 provincial-level subject leaders, 1 “Huxiang Young Talent”, 1 provincial “hundred talent plan”, 21 provincial “New Century 121 Talent Project” candidates, 61 provincial young backbone teachers; Provincial teaching team and five provincial science and technology innovation teams.

Hunan Institute of Engineering has 12 provincial-level scientific research platforms such as the Provincial “2011” Collaborative Innovation Center, Provincial Key Labs, 9 Provincial Virtual Simulation Experiment Centers, Demonstration Labs (Centers), and 1 Provincial School-Land Cooperation Base. Provincial universities, universities, research-industry cooperation demonstration bases 3. In recent years, he has won 613 national, provincial and ministerial projects, 384 provincial and ministerial, department (city) level scientific research achievement awards, 454 various patents, and published 1,241 high-level academic papers. The school vigorously strengthened the cooperation of production, teaching and research, signed cooperation agreements with 252 enterprises, signed 141 major projects with enterprises, and signed 633 horizontal scientific research projects with enterprises and scientific research institutes, with a research funding of 232 million yuan.

The institute has signed cooperation agreements with more than 20 universities in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and other countries, and has opened two international cooperative education programs for undergraduate majors.

Hunan Institute of Engineering has always been serving regional economic and industrial development. It has 68 years of engineering education, 20 years of exploration and practice in the training of applied talents. It has sent over 130,000 highly qualified personnel to the society. In recent years, the employment rate of HIE graduates has remained above 96%.


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