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Cody from Canada

“I chose to come to Fuzhou because it is not cold and it is near the sea, which is great,” said Cody Klassen from Canada. In 2003, Cody came to Fuzhou because he wanted to experience a different way of life from Canada and tried English teaching. He also found an unexpected love in Fuzhou.

Today, Cody has been in Fuzhou for 15 years. He admired that over the past 15 years, Fuzhou has undergone earth-shaking changes. There are many high-rise buildings on the streets, alleys with parks, green spaces, and light food. All of these make his family love Fuzhou very much.

He told reporters that he has long regarded himself as a Fuzhou native, and he is used to drinking tea, playing chess and eating tea eggs every day. “I once heard a friend from Fuzhou say that a man in Fuzhou bought very expensive tea, but his wife used this precious tea to make tea eggs. The life of Fuzhou people is really interesting.”

Jesscia from Ghana

There are many reasons to fall in love with the city of Fuzhou, because of the West Lake, because of the three lanes and seven alleys, but most people may have the same reason, that is, the city has the taste of home, and you will not feel unfamiliar here.

Jesscia from Ghana has been in Fuzhou for 6 years. Jesscia studied at a university in Russia. In February 2012, at the request of her parents, she came to Fuzhou. She first studied medicine at Fujian Medical University for 3 years, and then went to Fujian. Normal education for 2 years. This year, Jesscia was admitted to the Fujian Medical University as a graduate student and intern at Xiehe Hospital.

“I have also traveled to many cities in China, and I still can’t live without Fuzhou.” Jesscia said. Fuzhou people are very friendly. She remembered one time when she was riding a bicycle on the street because she was not careful because of her poor riding skills. After a fall, the surrounding citizens crowded around and asked about the situation, “Someone took me to the hospital and paid for the medical expenses. The people in Fuzhou are so enthusiastic, and I am very touched.”

Speaking of the changes in Fuzhou in the past few years, Jesscia said, “It’s too fast, I don’t know what words can be used to describe the urban construction of Fuzhou.” Every time she goes out to play, she will introduce the beauty of Fuzhou through Wechat Moments and let her family I know what a wonderful city Fuzhou is. Jesscia told reporters that West Lake Park and Gushan are places where she often “checks in”. As long as she has free time, she will definitely go there.

Speaking of future plans, Jesscia seemed a little shy. She hopes to stay in Fuzhou after graduation and find a good job. She also hopes to find her significant other here and live and work in Fuzhou.

Fuzhou Expat

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