English Public Speaking Contest at Qufu Normal University

Updated 2020-10-24

Qufu Normal University successfully held the semi-finals of the English Speech Contest on October 17, 2020. English teacher Tang Jianping, Wang Li, Du Mingzhen, Sun Haishan, foreign teacher Ann Streeter from Qufu campus, and Song Zhaojuan, Liu Yao, Zhang Ying and Long Lei from Rizhao campus jointly served as judges for this competition.

A total of twelve players have entered the semi-final stage. The contest consists of three parts: fixed-topic speech, impromptu speech and question and answer. Student Chen Nan won the first place with her excellent oral expression and adaptability. She also won the ticket for the provincial competition representing our university.

This contest provided a platform for students from Qufu Normal University to show themselves and improved their oral English skills. The university hopes that this competition can stimulate the enthusiasm of Qufu Normal University students to study foreign languages, and improve their practical English skills and English public speaking skills.

(Credit: Qufu Normal University)

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