Winter Break English Salon by Esme at Lanzhou University

Updated 2021-02-21 (View on Wechat, 中文)

Due to COVID-19 epidemic, many students at Lanzhou University from middle and high risk areas chose to stay in school this winter break. When Esme, the foreign teacher of the College of Foreign Languages of Lanzhou University heard about this situation, she asked the college that she is willing tovoluntarily set up an English salon for the students during the winter break.

Esme’s idea was quickly approved by the college and the Academic Affairs Office. Zhao Chongyang, a graduate student of the College of Foreign Languages, is appointed as her teaching assistant. The salon was held from January 25th to February 5th in Room 908 of the Education and Development Center, Chengguan Campus. It was held 8 times with 16 class hours. It attracted a total of 16 students.

Esme prepared various topics including English idioms, food, travel, cartoons, appearance and personality, and word games etc. Under Esme’s guidance and encouragement, students actively participate in discussions and practiced their oral English skills.

The students thank Esme and the college for providing a platform for face-to-face communication with foreign teachers, enriching their holiday life, and establishing a deep friendship with foreign teachers. They hope that they can participate in such events in the future.

(Source: College of Foreign Languages, Lanzhou University)

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