American Education Lecture by Dr. Scott at Jiaozuo Normal College

Updated 2020-10-27

Dr. Scott from Jiaozuo Normal College came to the ‘Elementary School Teachers Training Camp’ and gave a lecture on the theme of “The Comparison and Difference of Sino-US Education”.

Dr. Scott is currently a foreign English teacher and a PhD in law from California State University. In the lecture, Dr. Scott started with the connotation of American culture and described in detail the components of American culture, the characteristics of the education system, and the differences between Chinese and American education.

Dr. Scott is knowledgeable, rigorous, and humorous. During the break between classes, Dr. Scott played games with the trainees. The trainees said that the lecture was rich and vivid in content and benefited a lot from it.

(Credit: Jiaozuo Normal College)

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