Yunan University of F&E Sent Greetings Before Chinese New Year

Updated 2021-01-25 (View on Wechat)

#CampusLife On the afternoon of January 21, the party leader Wang Jianying of Yunan University of Finance and Economics came to the home of Rouhieh, foreign teacher of the International Business School in Kunming, to send Chinese New Year greetings to her and her family in Canada on behalf of the university.

Wang Jianying asked about Rouhieh’s work and life during the epidemic and on the way back to China. She spoke highly of Rouhieh’s professionalism and expressed her heartfelt thanks to Rouhieh’s family for their support. Wang Jianying said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the school has attached great importance and always puts the health and life safety of teachers and students on the first place. Wang Jianying fully affirmed Rouhieh’s 16 years of work at the university, and expressed her praise for Rouhieh’s active involvement in the school’s international development, especially for leading students to participate in charity activities, and being a volunteer for charity activities.

Rouhieh said that the prevention and control measures taken by China and the university are very necessary. They have effectively guaranteed the health and safety of the people. She believes that China and the Chinese people will definitely be able to overcome the epidemic. Working and living at Yunnan University of Finance and Economics for many years, she has long regarded Kunming as her second hometown. Being able to return to school during the epidemic is her biggest blessing this year.

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