(Video) University Teacher Sinskie’s Interview About What to Do After the Epidemic


Welcome back to the Sinskie household! In our last episode of Daily life of Sinskie’s family during the emergency period, Sinskie household showed us their daily life during epidemic period in Wenchang.

Sinskie household

On February 21, the Sinskie household living in Wenchang conducted an interesting family interview. The topic of the interview was what you are going to do after the epidemic is over. John Sinskie, an English teacher at Hainan College of Foreign Studies in Wenchang, is currently busy teaching business English online. His wife Sarah Sinskie used to be an English teacher and now she helps John with some school projects. They have three lovely children, John Gabriel, Ellie, and Alaina. This year marks the fourth year that the family living in Hainan. Let’s take a look at this lovely and heartwarming family interview!

Special family interview

John said that after the epidemic is over, what he wants to do most is for the family to go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful night scene and fresh air of Wenchang. Sarah has described herself as a “Wenchang girl” and hopes that after the epidemic is over, she can drink coconut juice and chat with good friends, enjoy Wenchang’s morning tea, afternoon tea, and most importantly, must go shopping!

Ellie‘s stylish look for her own Birthday

Yesterday was Ellie’s birthday. She made a stylish look for herself, helped make a birthday cake, and enjoyed a happy birthday party with her family at home. HIMC wishes Happy Birthday to Ellie, and hopes our followers may leave a message and congratulate her on her happy birthday! (HiHainan)

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Sinskie family living in Wenchang show their daily life during the emergency period. Josh Sinskie, an English teacher at Hainan College of Foreign Studies in Wenchang, teaches Business English and trains students for national competitions.

(Source: China Daily)

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