(Video) Foreign Teachers’ Life in China Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

2020. Feb. 22nd

The outbreak of the coronavirus has a huge impact on people’s life in China. Not only does it affect Chinese people, it also affects thousands of foreigners living, studying and working in China. It is understandable that people get worried and intimidated by the virus. Here we collect stories of some foreigners who remain in China to get a better understanding how they are doing and how things are affecting their lives during the special period of time.

American’s Vlog: Visiting my Chinese mother-in-law amid coronavirus outbreak
Dylan and Carlos are visiting their wives’ families in China for Spring Festival. But this year things are different because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Daily life of foreign teacher in China during the coronavirus period

Sinskie family living in Wenchang show their daily life during the emergency period. Josh Sinskie, an English teacher at Hainan College of Foreign Studies in Wenchang, teaches Business English and trains students for national competitions.

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