(Video) University English Teacher Ryan: Working from home

2020. Mar. 15th

James Ryan Nolton is a foreign language teacher from the United States who has lived in China for more than three years. He came to visit friends during Spring Festival and stayed in Beijing during the novel coronavirus outbreak.

In order to effectively prevent spreading the novel coronavirus, most companies in China postponed the resumption of working in offices and organized employees to avoid crowds or groups and work from home.

Ryan’s parents in the United States were very worried about his safety. While chatting with his parents through video, Ryan found they had many misunderstandings about the epidemic. They also don’t know much about China’s current situation.

In order to reassure relatives and friends in faraway places, Ryan decided to shoot a short video by himself, record the people’s living conditions during the epidemic and show the real situation he saw and felt. It also allows more netizens to make a rational and scientific judgment on the epidemic.

(China Daily)

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