Merril: English Drama “The Red Rocking Chair” at NJUST

5月23日、24日晚,艺文馆剧场欢声笑语,外国语学院的加拿大籍外教Merril率部分公共英语研究生,为全校师生献上了他们自编自导自演的现代英语话剧《The Red Rocking Chair》。



On the evening of May 23rd and 24th, Merril, the Canadian foreign teacher from the School of Foreign Languages of Nanjing University of Science and Technology, led some public English graduate students to present the modern English drama “The Red Rocking Chair” written, directed and performed by them to the teachers and students of the school.

During the performance, the performers on the stage were full of voices and emotions, from expressions, movements, dialogues to costumes, lighting design, etc., all showed a very high level, which firmly attracted the audience in the plot, and the audience off the stage burst out from time to time. Applause and joyful laughter. After the performance, the cast and crew interacted with the enthusiastic audience and discussed the creation of English dramas and campus culture. Professors Zhao Xueqin and Zhu Jufen, deans of the School of Foreign Languages, watched the play throughout the whole process, and some Chinese and foreign teachers also attended the show. Everyone gave high praise to the play.

As one of the “Campus English Cultural Festival” series of activities of the School of Foreign Languages, the feature of this drama is to attract public English graduate students to participate in the performance of campus English drama for the first time. According to the School of Foreign Languages, they will try their best to target more science and engineering graduate students in their future English drama creations and performances, so as to provide students with more opportunities and platforms for understanding the English language and culture.

(Source: Nanjing University of Science and Technology)

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