French Corner at Nanchang Institute of Technology

The theme of the event was a comparison of tea culture and wine culture. Titi and Thomas, French teachers of foreign languages, and many French enthusiasts participated in the event. During the French Corner event, Titi and Thomas used Chinese tea culture as an entry point to guide students to […]

Foreign Teacher from Jimei University Won the 10th Friendship Award

2017. Oct 09 Dr. Steven Franciso Munoz, a foreign expert of Jimei University attended the awarding ceremony and received the Fujian Province’ 10th Friendship Award.   Recently, Dr. Steven Franciso Munoz, a foreign expert of Jimei University attended the awardingceremony and received the Fujian Province’ 10thFriendship Award. Li Dejin, vice-governor […]

HUCM Celebrates Teacher’s Day with Foreign Teachers

  On the evening of September 8, on the occasion of the 28th Teacher’s Day, the School of International Education of our school specially organized a dinner for foreign teachers and sent a blessing to the festival for their hard work. Assistant School Principal, Peng Qinghua, Dean of the School […]

ZFC Foreign Teacher Award 2017

2017. Jun. 24th The awarding ceremony of the “ZFC Foreign Teacher Award” were successfully held on June 21, 2017.   At 15:30, the awarding ceremony of the “ZFC Foreign Teacher Award” were held in the classroom #9205 in the Guangda Building. The event was organized by the Department of International […]

Hebei University-UCLan New Year Party

On December 21, 2019, HBU-UClan School of Media, Communication and Creative Industries held a New Year’s party. Charlotte, a foreign teacher, dressed in traditional costumes and experienced the charm of Peking Opera. The novel combination of traditional lanterns and English riddles adds fun to the “Lantern Riddles” game. (Source: HBU-UClan) […]

Badminton Contest at Guangxi International Business Vocational College

(Source: Guangxi International Business Vocational College) 为丰富学院教职工的业余文化生活,增进我院教职员工之间的沟通交流,推进全民健身运动的长期开展,营造和谐、良好的运动氛围,学院工会于11月18-27日举办以“不忘初心·羽你同行”为主题的第五届教职工羽毛球比赛。 比赛以12个分工会为单位组队参加。赛程采取小组循环、小组交叉淘汰、半决赛和决赛形式进行。比赛场上,运动员们挥汗如雨,奋力拼杀,以敏捷的身手、娴熟的技巧和精湛的球技将比赛推向高潮。 经过10天的激烈角逐,最终第七分工会(应用外语系)夺得第一名,第八分工工会(会计系)获得第二名,第四分工会(招生就业处、工会、图书馆、明秀开发办)获得第三名,第五分工会(后勤管理处、资产管理处)获得第四名。 学院副院长、工会主席卿臻分别为获奖队伍颁发了奖状。 比赛现场 合影