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Foreign Teachers of ZJU Visiting China National Silk Museum

2018. Apr 23th

On April 20, foreign teachers and the secretary of foreign affairs of School of International Studies (SIS) paid a visit to China National Silk Museum to experience the brilliant and gorgeous Chinese culture. As the world’s largest theme museum for textile collection, research, conservation and exhibition, China National Silk Museum is composed of six parts, namely, “Jincheng—China Silk and the Silk Road”, “Mysterious Silk and Heavenly Loom—Sericulture and Silk Craftsmanship of China, Intangible Cultural Heritage”, textile relics restoration and exhibition hall, “Chinese Fashion Art Exhibition”, “Western Fashion Museum” and a temporary exhibition hall.


Before their visit, professional teachers from China National Silk Museum outlined the history and basic methods of tie-dyeing in English to help the foreign teachers better understand Chinese tie-dyeing techniques. In this activity, teachers got to know the glorious development of Chinese costumes, understood the differences in costumes of different dynasties as well as Chinese history and culture.

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