Yunnan Land and Resources Vocational College

Yunnan Land and Resources Vocational College

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Introduction to Yunnan Land and Resources Vocational College

Yunnan Land and Resources Vocational College (云南国土资源职业学院, website) is an independent state-owned public higher vocational college. It is one of the first two full-time higher vocational colleges established in Yunnan Province. Vocational Colleges “. The school’s administrative department was changed from the original Yunnan Geological and Mineral Exploration and Development Bureau to the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education on October 11, 2018, which became a new milestone in the school’s development history.

Yunnan Land and Resources Vocational College currently has four campuses in Yangzonghai, Economic Development Zone and Wuding, covering a total area of 1088 acres. The construction of the first and second phases of the Yangzonghai Main Campus is fully completed, and the third phase of construction is coming to an end. The total assets of the school amounted to 19,672,700 yuan; the original value of fixed assets was 68,686,300 yuan, and the intangible assets were 94,749,100 yuan; the total value of teaching equipment was 59,814,400 yuan. The construction of digital school campuses has been continuously promoted. The internal and external network of the school, campus card, security monitoring, central computer room, multimedia classrooms, campus public broadcasting, network security construction, digital campus application system construction, etc. have been fully launched; successfully entered the national “educational information construction pilot “Schools” list; the school library has 601,000 paper books and 486,000 e-books. The school also bought Beijing Chaoxing Company’s reading show, Baichain and mobile library database, and Beijing Wanfang’s Wanfang degree thesis. Database, Chongqing Weipu company’s Weipu journal data, effectively increase the capacity of digital resources. The school library also received corresponding support by joining the Yunnan University Library Alliance and the National Philosophy and Social Sciences Academic Periodicals Database. The school now has 11 teaching colleges and 56 majors. The full-time school has exceeded the 10,000-person mark for the first time. The total number of students reached 14,402, including 457 undergraduate students, 116 Lao students, and 2031 adult education students.

Yunnan Land and Resources Vocational College originated from the Yunnan Provincial Geological Department Technical School established in 1958. In April 2001, it was merged and reformed based on the Yunnan Provincial Geological and Mineral Bureau Technical School and Yunnan Provincial Geological and Mineral Bureau Staff University. For more than 60 years, the school has cultivated more than 30,000 geological professionals, spreading across more than 20 provinces (cities, districts) and 129 counties (cities, districts) across the country. It has become the school’s pride.

Yunnan Land and Resources Vocational College has now become the main training base for highly qualified skilled talents in the land and resources category in the western region. The school is a pilot unit for the implementation of the vocational qualification certificate system in 100 vocational colleges across the country. It has successively obtained “Advanced Units in Geological Work in Yunnan”, “Provincial Civilized Units”, “Provincial Civilized Schools”, and “Five Goods of Yunnan Provincial Geological and Mining Bureau”. “The team”, the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education, “advanced units in the implementation of the party style and clean government construction responsibility system in colleges and universities” and “Kunming City Garden Unit” and many other honorary titles. In 2005, it passed the assessment of the talent training level of higher vocational colleges of the Ministry of Education at the “Good” level. At the end of 2012, it successfully passed the characteristic evaluation of the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education and was “characteristically passed”; it has been the Yunnan Provincial Education Department for 15 consecutive years since 2004. Awarded as an advanced unit for employment in colleges and universities in 2012. It was rated as the “2012-2013 Typical Experience in Employment Summary and Propaganda in the Province” by the Education Department of Yunnan Province. In November 2011, the school hosted the national first-class competition “the first national The “Exploration and Drilling Professional Skills Contest” solid driller competition and its closing ceremony won the “Special Contribution Award” and the “National Outstanding Contribution Award for the Cultivation of Geological Exploration and Drilling Talents”; in 2014, the “National Outstanding Contribution Award for the Cultivation of Skilled Talents”. In 2015, the school was listed as the first batch of modern apprenticeship pilot units by the Ministry of Education, and successfully passed the acceptance in 2018, and was highly evaluated. Also in 2018, in the “National College Student Geological Skills Competition”, school students competed with 211, 985, and “double first-class” college students with geological majors, and stood out from 195 teams from 64 universities. Winning the highest prize of the competition, the “Special Award”, can be said to have erected the “Yunnan brand” of geological education.


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