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Yunnan Jiaotong College


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Introduction to Yunnan Jiaotong College

Yunnan Jiaotong College (云南交通职业技术学院, website) is the first batch of universities in Yunnan province to enter the national model higher vocational college team. After more than 60 years of unremitting efforts, Yunnan Communications Vocational and Technical College has become a “skilled, service-oriented, and industrial-oriented” higher vocational college, and is making steady progress toward the goal of “bright features, first-class domestically, and internationally renowned”.

Yunnan Jiaotong College is located in Kunming, which is full of spring. There are three campuses, namely Chenggong Campus, Phuket Campus and Wujingqiao Campus, covering a total area of ??677.32 acres and a construction area of ??450,000 square meters. The total value of fixed assets is 657 million yuan, of which the total value of teaching instruments and equipment is 7496.27 10,000 yuan; 99 on-campus training bases and more than 60 off-campus training bases, including 5 provincial-level demonstration practice training bases; 609,900 documents (volumes) in the library of the college library, 380GB of electronic books; owns the entire station Instrument simulation simulation practice system, PDA pile foundation dynamic measuring instrument (USA), RIS-2KAD geological radar system (Italy), TDS-602 data acquisition instrument (Japan), Price-responsive bump accumulation flatness meter (USA), Testing equipment such as automobile chassis comprehensive tester, electronically controlled gasoline engine training platform (FXB-B-1), electronic fuel control actuator, DEUTSCH connector pin removal tool and other Cummins engine-specific tools, general-purpose automobile fault diagnostic instrument KT600, Volkswagen Department of special detector 5052A and other advanced teaching and training equipment. It is a beautiful campus with complete teaching, training, scientific research facilities, complete functions, reasonable layout, beautiful environment, modern transportation characteristics and cultural atmosphere.

Yunnan Jiaotong College has become an important base for promoting the economic and social development of Yunnan Province, especially the transportation industry and high-level talent training. In recent years, the school has firmly grasped the country’s in-depth promotion of industrialization, urbanization, and informatization, the construction of an integrated transportation system, especially the rapid development of rail transit, and the important opportunity of opening an important bridgehead to the southwest to serve the transportation and logistics industries of Yunnan Province. And Yunnan has made positive contributions to the economic and social development.

Yunnan Jiaotong College consists of Highway College, Automobile College, Engineering Machinery College, Logistics College, College of Transportation Information Engineering, College of Transportation, College of Construction Engineering, College of Economics and Management, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Art, College of Continuing Education, College of International Cooperation and Exchange, There are 14 colleges of the School of Ethnic Culture and Media and the Baoyushi College. In addition, the college also owns school-run enterprises such as Yunnan Provincial Transportation Survey and Design Research, Yunnan Transportation Civil Engineering Testing Research Center. So far, the college has a total of 10,575 students and 52 majors; it has 3 national key construction majors and 4 provincial key specialty majors. Taking road and bridge engineering technology, automobile application technology, rail transit operation and management and other specialties as the leader, closely follow the industry and economic and social development, cultivate students’ core competence of “morality, technology, and strength”, and build an “industry-run school, school The platform of educating people’s congresses of running an enterprise and combining production, learning, and research has embarked on a road of school-enterprise cooperation in cooperating in running schools, cooperating in educating people, cooperating in employment, and cooperating in development.

Yunnan Jiaotong College currently has 471 full-time teachers in the editing school and more than 240 part-time teachers outside the school. Among the full-time teachers in the school, there are 16 senior vocational vocational colleges, 184 sub-vocational vocational colleges, 141 secondary vocational colleges, 1 doctoral degree, 140 master’s degree, 1 national teaching master, 4 provincial teaching masters; there are school-level chief professional leaders 31 people, 20 professional leaders; one hundred outstanding engineers in China’s highways, two national professional leaders in transportation vocational education, two experts each from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Transportation’s vocational high-level expert database, Wu Fu- -2 Zhenhua Fund (teaching scholarship) winners, 3 experts who enjoy special allowances from the Yunnan Provincial Government, 2 outstanding contribution awards from Yunnan Province; 35 experts from the Yunnan Provincial Department of Transportation and Experts, and the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education There are 10 experts; there are 4 provincial-level teachers’ studios and 4 provincial-level outstanding teaching teams.

During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the school undertook 78 research projects for teaching and scientific research and technology application research, including 2 national level, 10 provincial level, 25 department level, and 41 college level. Zero-level breakthrough. Completed more than 25,000 person-times for poverty alleviation training and vocational skills training evaluation, completed 3015 kilometers of highway survey and design, 91 kilometers of highway construction supervision, promoted 11 new technologies, and actively participated in the “rich people and border” project, and successfully completed counterpart assistance tasks. Supported 2 higher vocational colleges in the province, trained more than 450 teachers, and made due contributions to the development of higher vocational education in Yunnan and the implementation of the “two strong and one fort” strategy in Yunnan Province.

Yunnan Jiaotong College established a Cummins training center in cooperation with Cummins, implemented a T-TEP training project with Toyota Motor (China) Co., Ltd., and also cooperated with Yunnan Highway Investment Corporation, Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. ) Co., Ltd., Suning Appliance, Colorful Yunnan and other well-known international and domestic enterprises have signed school-enterprise cooperation agreements.

Yunnan Jiaotong College visited and studied with the University of Alberta, the National University of Mexico, the American ACC Vocational Education Group, and the University of Malaysia, Malaysia, etc. to promote the advantages of our school and increase its international influence and popularity. A solid step has been taken in the development process.

During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, our college will closely focus on the construction of a comprehensive transportation system serving Yunnan’s transportation, and firmly grasp the opportunities for the implementation of the “two strong and one stronghold” strategy of the Yunnan state. An important base for the training of highly skilled personnel in transportation in the southwest border, higher vocational education research and transportation courses, teaching materials development centers, regional training and vocational skills appraisal, transportation technology research and extension service centers, and oriented to Southeast Asia and South Asia. Window, strive to be the first party to lead the reform and development of higher vocational education in China, and strive to build the college into a “national first-class, internationally renowned” high-level industrial service-oriented vocational college.


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