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Huaiyin Normal University

Introduction to Huaiyin Normal University

Huaiyin Normal University (淮阴师范学院, website) is a well-known institution of higher learning in Jiangsu Province with a profound historical and cultural heritage and excellent school spirit. It is located in Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province, the famous historical and cultural city with beautiful scenery and rich culture.

In the course of more than 60 years of higher education, the university has always insisted on using Zhou Enlai’s spirit to educate and educate people, and has trained a large number of backbone teachers and applied talents for regional basic education and economic and social development, with more than 200,000 graduates.

Huaiyin Normal University currently has 17 secondary colleges and 72 undergraduate majors covering nine disciplines including science, engineering, economics, law, education, literature, history, management, and art. Admission to 18 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, full-time undergraduate students more than 20,000. With the Nanjing Normal University, Ningxia University, Jiangsu Normal University and other provinces and universities in the province, the postgraduate joint training, there are more than 100 graduate students. The university has established friendly and cooperative relations with 56 universities in the United States, Britain, Finland, Kazakhstan, Japan, South Korea and other countries, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan. It has sent more than 860 exchange students and double-degree students to overseas universities, receiving from Laos. There are 25 international students from Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The long-term international students from Korea, Japan and other countries have accumulated more than 60 students. The United Kingdom, France, Ukraine, Finland, South Korea, Japan and countries along the Belt and Road. More than 330 short-term international students come to our school for study, internship and cultural exchanges.

The construction of the university faculty has been continuously strengthened. There are more than 1,600 faculty members, including more than 1,260 full-time teachers, more than 600 full-time teachers, more than 160 high-ranking teachers, and more than 430 doctors. At the same time, a number of well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad are employed as visiting professors and part-time professors. The school currently has 1 expert who enjoys special allowances from the State Council, 4 outstanding teachers in the country, 3 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions, 3 provincial teaching masters, and 32 provincial high-level talent training personnel of the “333 Project”. There are 28 young and middle-aged academic leaders in the project, and 54 outstanding young backbone teachers in the provincial “Blue Project”. There are 5 outstanding scientific and technological innovation teams in Jiangsu Higher Education, 1 Jiangsu University Philosophy and Social Science Excellent Innovation Team, 4 Jiangsu Province Universities “Blue Blue Engineering” Technology Innovation Team, and 5 provincial excellent teaching teams. More than 110 teachers have been hired as masters and doctoral supervisors in sister universities.

Over the years, Huaiyin Normal University has fully utilized its advantages in personnel training, scientific research, and intellectual support, and actively carried out all-round cooperation with local governments, enterprises and institutions to provide strong intellectual support for local economic construction. The Provincial Collaborative Innovation Center for Regional Modern Agriculture and Environmental Protection, the Key Laboratory of Ecological Agriculture and Biotechnology of Hongze Lake, Jiangsu Province, the Key Laboratory of Biomass Energy and Enzyme Technology of Jiangsu Province, and the Key Laboratory of Low-dimensional Materials Chemistry of Jiangsu Province. Jiangsu Province, the modern construction technology and intelligent system key construction laboratory, the provincial university philosophy and social sciences key research base – cultural and creative industry research center and other 36 provincial and municipal research and development platforms and bases with distinctive local characteristics, have produced good social impact And economic benefits. In the past five years, it has undertaken more than 150 provincial and municipal “production, study and research” and science and technology support plans and key research and development projects, and more than 769 horizontal and “four skills” service projects, and signed more than 563 cooperation agreements. More than a dozen state-level and provincial-level media such as CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, People’s Daily, and Guangming Daily reported on the remarkable achievements of our school in serving local economic development.

As we enter a new era, Huaiyin Normal University will continue to hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, adhere to the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and take the integration of regional economic and social development as a guide to promote the development of connotation and development, with a broader vision and Open stance, more persistent efforts, and constantly create a new situation in the development of the school!


Huaiyin Normal University

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Huaiyin Normal University

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Huaiyin Normal University

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